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aGEEKspot #4

News – Amazon‘s MP3 downloads launch worldwide as iTunes shudders… This is big news since Amazon sells DRM-free music, at a lower cost. I have been using iTunes since it came out, and I have to say buying music without restrictions is great and I even save a few pennies.

HD-DVD  goes for it’ at the Superbowl. With all the major studios jumping on the Blu-ray band wagon, Toshiba has cut prices on its HD-DVD players and even has plans for a 30-sec commercial spot during the “big game” for a mere $2.7 million! Good luck Betamax, oops –I mean HD-DVD!


Rumor – The word around the geek cooler: the MacBook Air will be in Apple stores this Tuesday or Wednesday. Yippeee?


Gadget of the week – Party like a RockStar! For only $19.99 this unique hub has five ports to attach headphones or MP3 players, including one hard-wired connection for your MP3 player. Plus, you can mix your favorite hits with fade-in effects. Gather up your friends and get ready to party, or at least listen to some tunes together.


Tip – I am not sure if this qualifies as a “tip” but it is cool and fun. Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were a Simpson? (The cartoon, not the acquitted killer). Well – wonder no more, my friend! 

Go to and see for yourself!


If you have techy, geeky, nerdy, or gadgety news, reviews, tips or tricks – Let us know and we can share it with the world. Send them to: aGEEKspot at Gmail dot com



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aGEEKspot #3

News – Last week was Macworld and all the rumors about new Mac products came true: The MacBook Air, iTunes movie rentals (with HD), new Apple TV,iPhone/iPodtouch upgrades, and Time Capsule.

For you iPhone users, the new upgrades are cool. You can customize your screen menu layout, make web shortcuts, even Google Maps has a generic GPS feature. Plus, you can now text message multiple people at once…what more could you want? Oh yeah, a simple cut & paste function would be nice!


If you would love to see the keynote address by Steve Jobs but don’t have 90 min. to watch the full version, check out’s 60 sec. recap!


Breaking News – Apple has just released a new color in their iPod nano line – PINK. The 8GB nano sells for $199, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

pink nano


Rumor – Microsoft is releasing the successor to the infamous Vista OS during the second half of 2009. I have to wonder, since most PC users haven’t even upgraded from Windows XP, what will this new release include?

Also, there is news floating around the internet that NBC shows MAY come back to iTunes… we’ll have to cross our fingers and see.


Gadget of the Week – Is that a Powerstick in your pocket? Why yes it is – a cool little USB-powered portable charger. It can re-charge your cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, iPhone etc. and comes with nine connectors for all your gadgets. Now the best part, it is only $69.95! Definitely for the on-the-go lifestyle!


Tip – Sure, it’s easy enough to put music on your iPod, but what about the opposite? Time for Senuti a program that does just that. It takes those precious Barry Manilow songs and puts them on your Mac’s hard drive, where they belong…. hidden! And of course…. wait for it…. It’s FREE!

If you have techy, geeky, nerdy, or gadgety news, reviews, tips or tricks –

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aGEEKspot #2

Old News – Last week at CES, lots of cool new stuff was debuted, but everything was over-shadowed by blogger shenanigans and Bill Gates’ celebrity-filled farewell video. A staff member from the website Gizmodo enjoyed a fun prank by using a TV-B-Gone remote to turn off TV’s, monitors, and displays while live demos were being held. The punishment from CES: banned for life thus giving bloggers a bad name in the process! Since this was Bill Gates’ final address at CES, he (meaning his billion dollar staff) put together a little farewell video with a star-studded line up including Matthew McConaughey, Jay-Z, Jon Stewart Barack Obama, Al Gore, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney…the list goes on and on. It even makes Bill seem, dare I say, humorous. Oh yeah, and there was a 150″ Plasma TV there, too.

Newer News – Sony announced that it will start selling DRM-free MP3’s on, making Amazon the first retailer to have all four major labels on board. Now all eyes are on iTunes to see if they jump on the DRM-free bandwagon. The battle may be over between Blu-ray and HD DVD’s as Warner Bros. Entertainment will be releasing its high-definition titles “exclusively in the Blu-ray disc format beginning later this year.” If that wasn’t bad enough, New Line Cinema has just announced its defection to Blu-ray. I guess being blu isn’t so bad after all.

Breaking News Macworld begins this week in San Francisco. Even though there doesn’t seem to be quite the same level of excitement as with the iPhone announcement last year, there are still plenty of rumors about what will be released. The first is the MacBook Air, a small, lightweight, ultra portable laptop. Also rumored is a new iTunes featuring movie rentals. They both sound good, I guess we will have to wait and see.In the face of rumors that Apple would offering movie rentals, Netflix announced that they are allowing customers to stream an unlimited number of movies for a flat monthly fee (starting at $8.99). Netflix streaming, however, is not yet available on the Mac so hopefully the iTunes movie rentals will come true for all the Mac owners.

Rumor –  Pepsi and Amazon will be giving away up to 1 billion songs during a Super Bowl promotion starting Feb. 3rd. Amazon will be providing MP3s from their DRM-free Music Store!

eye fi

Gadget of the Week – Free your memories… quickly, easily, and wirelessly with the tag line from today’s cool gadget – EYE-FI (pictured). The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless 2gb SD memory card. It automatically uploads pictures from your digital camera to your PC or Mac and to your favorite photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking site. No cables, no waiting, no hassles. Plus, just this week it became compatible with iPhoto and Safari (Mac fans rejoice!) Check it Out!Do you love Photoshop but can’t justify the high cost? Well you’re in luck – Photoshop Elements 6 has just been released for only $99 (or $79 for the upgrade). Tip – Do you ever need to capture what’s on your Mac’s screen? Try this quick keyboard short cut:

•To take a picture of the whole screen, press Command-Shift-3.

•To take a picture of part of the screen, press Command-Shift-4 and drag to select the area you want. They will be saved on your desktop as an image file for easy retrieval.


If you have techy, geeky, nerdy, or gadgety news, reviews, tips or tricks – Let us know and we can share it with the world. Send them to: aGEEKspot at Gmail dot com


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aGEEKspot #1

News -This is the first installment of Tech Talk and it just happens to be on the same week as CES. The Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest annual tradeshow for consumer technology. This is where thousands of the new and cool products are introduced each year. Also this year will be Bill Gates 12th and final keynote address at CES, he plans to go part-time at Microsoft and focus more on philanthropic efforts. Next week we will catch up on all that happened at the show.

Other Big News – Napster says NO more DRM (digital rights management) Which means you can start downloading MP3s that will be compatible to all music players, they do still offer a subscription based service but it will have copyright restrictions. You can’t have everything…

Breaking news – Apple has just updated its MacPro to 3.2GHz WOW, that’s fast!


Gadget of the Week – The perfect accessory for sunny south Florida is the SOLIO. It’s a solar powered charger for all your handheld devices. It can capture and store power for your cell phone, ipod, PDA, GPS, digital camera and many more. Never run out of juice on the beach again! Sun power, It’s free, and it helps the environment. 


Tip – Love a website and want to share it, don’t just send your buddy the link, send them the whole page – If you have a Mac and you are using Safari Web browser & Mac mail, just press the Command key (with the Apple) and the letter “i”. The whole page will appear in your e-mail, just add your buddy’s address and let the sharing begin!


If you have techy, geeky, nerdy or gadgety news, reviews, tips or tricks – Let me know and we can share it with the world. Send them to:  aGEEKspot at Gmail dot com

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