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aGEEKspot #1

News -This is the first installment of Tech Talk and it just happens to be on the same week as CES. The Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest annual tradeshow for consumer technology. This is where thousands of the new and cool products are introduced each year. Also this year will be Bill Gates 12th and final keynote address at CES, he plans to go part-time at Microsoft and focus more on philanthropic efforts. Next week we will catch up on all that happened at the show.

Other Big News – Napster says NO more DRM (digital rights management) Which means you can start downloading MP3s that will be compatible to all music players, they do still offer a subscription based service but it will have copyright restrictions. You can’t have everything…

Breaking news – Apple has just updated its MacPro to 3.2GHz WOW, that’s fast!


Gadget of the Week – The perfect accessory for sunny south Florida is the SOLIO. It’s a solar powered charger for all your handheld devices. It can capture and store power for your cell phone, ipod, PDA, GPS, digital camera and many more. Never run out of juice on the beach again! Sun power, It’s free, and it helps the environment. 


Tip – Love a website and want to share it, don’t just send your buddy the link, send them the whole page – If you have a Mac and you are using Safari Web browser & Mac mail, just press the Command key (with the Apple) and the letter “i”. The whole page will appear in your e-mail, just add your buddy’s address and let the sharing begin!


If you have techy, geeky, nerdy or gadgety news, reviews, tips or tricks – Let me know and we can share it with the world. Send them to:  aGEEKspot at Gmail dot com


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