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aGEEKspot #3

News – Last week was Macworld and all the rumors about new Mac products came true: The MacBook Air, iTunes movie rentals (with HD), new Apple TV,iPhone/iPodtouch upgrades, and Time Capsule.

For you iPhone users, the new upgrades are cool. You can customize your screen menu layout, make web shortcuts, even Google Maps has a generic GPS feature. Plus, you can now text message multiple people at once…what more could you want? Oh yeah, a simple cut & paste function would be nice!


If you would love to see the keynote address by Steve Jobs but don’t have 90 min. to watch the full version, check out Mahalo.com’s 60 sec. recap!


Breaking News – Apple has just released a new color in their iPod nano line – PINK. The 8GB nano sells for $199, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

pink nano


Rumor – Microsoft is releasing the successor to the infamous Vista OS during the second half of 2009. I have to wonder, since most PC users haven’t even upgraded from Windows XP, what will this new release include?

Also, there is news floating around the internet that NBC shows MAY come back to iTunes… we’ll have to cross our fingers and see.


Gadget of the Week – Is that a Powerstick in your pocket? Why yes it is – a cool little USB-powered portable charger. It can re-charge your cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, iPhone etc. and comes with nine connectors for all your gadgets. Now the best part, it is only $69.95! Definitely for the on-the-go lifestyle!


Tip – Sure, it’s easy enough to put music on your iPod, but what about the opposite? Time for Senuti a program that does just that. It takes those precious Barry Manilow songs and puts them on your Mac’s hard drive, where they belong…. hidden! And of course…. wait for it…. It’s FREE!

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