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aGEEKspot #5

Breaking News – Today Apple updated the iPhones memory to 16GB and the iPod Touch memory to 32GB. Both are selling for $499.


News – Amazon.com trumps iTunes and starts to sell NBC TV shows. So was it all a big lie when Apple reported that NBC wanted to raise their ($1.99 per episode) TV show prices?

Curious that soon after, all NBC material was pulled from iTunes, but then showed up a few months later on Amazon for, get this, ten cents cheaper! ($1.89 per episode -TV Pass Price). What gives????

So it’s good news for all you fans of The Office, Heroes, House and the nerd’s favorite, Chuck. But ONLY if you are downloading to a PC. That’s right – all you MAC fans are out of luck…..or maybe not. Reviews of the service report a number of negatives including long downloads and no Mac, iPod, Apple TV or Zune compatibility. I say why bother….


So, even if you can’t get that movie from Amazon on your iPod, at least you can still rent a movie from iTunes and watch it on your trusty old video iPod…….Whatttttt, you can’t???

Wired News reports that some relatively late-model iPod owners are discovering that their devices don’t work with Apple’s newly-launched iTunes video rentals — even though those iPod models have a video playback feature. Looks like if you want to rent a movie, you have to upgrade!


What starts with a ‘Yah’ and ends with a ‘oo’ and is worth $44.6 Billion dollars? Yahoo, of course! That’s billion with a B – no wonder their commercial screams YYYYYAAAAHHHHOOOOO! According to: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Technology giant Microsoft Corp said on Friday that it had offered to acquire Internet media company Yahoo Inc for $44.6 billion in cash and stock. Look out Google, big bad Microsoft is coming to get ya – (hoo)!


Rumor – Not so fast, Mr. Gates! The rumor is: Apple, InterActiveCorp, and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp are believed to be considering rival bids for Yahoo as well.


The Gadget of the Week – Sharing is caring. Straight from their website:miShare is a smart little gadget for sharing files and playlists between iPods. No computer or cable is needed, and it’s super easy to use. Just attach the source and target iPods and press miShare’s big button to start the transfer. It’s nice to share. 🙂


Tip – Do you have a Mac and your PC buddies keep sending you WMV files that you can’t watch? Suffer no more, my friends. Check out flip4mac.com for a free download and now you too can watch that skateboarding dog through your Quicktime player! It also lets you play Windows media using the Safari web browser. There are a few upgrades that can be purchased if needed.


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