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156 million sites, my guess, 155 million are porn

The Total Number of Websites on Earth

A Netcraft report suggests that the total count of websites (including blogs ?) is around 156 million.

total number websites

Since the Netcraft chart says ‘hostnames’, I guess the numbers include blogs as well that are hosted on subdomains of Blogspot, Twitter, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces or WordPress.com.

Now Technorati claims that the total number of blogs alone is currently in excess of 100 million while Netcraft puts Blogs+Websites = 156 million so there’s probably a mismatch somewhere. Anyone got clues ?

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Format War Over! Long live Blu-Ray!


Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, End Format War: SourceTOKYO (Reuters) – Toshiba Corp is planning to give up on its HD DVD format for high-definition video, conceding defeat to the competing Blu-Ray technology backed by Sony Corp, a company source said on Saturday.(Via I4U News.)

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Pizza F A S T ! ! !

90 Second Dual Pizza OvenCooks two 12 inch fresh pizzas in about 90 seconds at temperatures up to 797 degrees F, which is 15X faster than cooking in a traditional oven.  (Via The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!.)
90 Second Dual Pizza Oven 

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Wal-Mart is last but not least – no go HD DVD

Wal-Mart Drops HD DVD In June 

Wal-Mart  – Drops it like it’s Not

Looks like Toshiba had better put HD DVD out of its misery with news trickling out that Wal-Mart will not restock its shelves with HD DVD players and movies by the time June rolls around, following similar decisions made by Netflix and Best Buy. It seems as though there is no way out of this dark pit for HD DVD – let us have a minute’s silence out of respect for this format.(Via Ubergizmo.)

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New MacBook Pros on the 19th????

New MacBooks/Pros on the 19th?: “

Pretty much every Tuesday since Macworld, the rumor community has wondered if this would be ‘THE’ Tuesday, the one where we’ll finally see new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Well, while it is a far cry from a smoking gun, there is now at least a little more evidence than usual that next Tuesday might be THE Tuesday.

Switch To A Mac notes that Amazon, long-time Apple partner/ruiner of Apple’s surprises, has a series of new MacBook Pro rebates out this week that are set to expire Monday, February 18th. The rebates offer up to $150 off current models, and while this could simply be Amazon clearing inventory, or just guessing, it seems like a more reasonable straw to grasp at than most, as Amazon has blown a couple ‘secret’ Apple announcements in the past.


(Via Macenstein.)

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Best Buy says – no 15″ MacBooks….why??

15-inch Macbook Pros “out of stock” at Best Buy: “


Best Buy, one of Apple’s largest retailers, is listing the 2.4 Ghz 15 inch Macbook Pro as ‘sold out’ according to Electronista. The base 2.2 Ghz version is listed on back order for 1 to 2 weeks. This is an odd situation that many would consider an indication that the much rumored Peryn based Macbook Pros are on the way.

While I certainly wouldn’t say this is 100% confirmation that the updated Macbook Pros are on the way, if you’re planning to buy a Macbook Pro – I would at least wait until next Tuesday before plunking down that cash.

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