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DVDs Last Twice As Long As Standard Discs

Mitsubishi ARLEDIA DVDs Last Twice As Long As Standard Discs

Mitsubishi ARLEDIA

By Luke Anderson

I’ve really never put much thought into how I store my DVDs and CDs. Movies are stored in their original boxes in cabinets sitting in my living room. Most CDs are either strewn about on my desk or arranged neatly in binders. Unfortunately none of these methods is all that great for long term disc storge.

Mitsubishi has created the ARLEDIA DVD-R discs that are said to have twice the life expectancy of regular DVDs. They accomplish this by using a gold and silver reflective film which prevents oxidation. No word on pricing or availability.

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Cool USB Hub with Clock & Mood Light


This stylish 4-port USB hub features a built-in digital alarm clock with backlight, and a mood light that illuminates 7 soft colors circularly.


  • 4-port hub (USB 1.1) with Clock and mood light
  • LCD display of the clock with alarm, powered by AG13 battery
  • 7-color changing light automatically and continuouly
  • Plug and play, hot swapping
  • Hot Plug & Play
  • Dimensions: 79 x 79 x 29 mm

USB Hub with Clock and Mood Light ($16) is available from USB Brando.

(Via GeekAlerts.)

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Apple Time Capsule Shipping!

E6C62F85-3F9C-447E-9F4B-6E136EFB1A46.jpgApple Time Capsule Confirmed Shipping Now [Apple]Apple’s confirmed with us that Time Capsules are indeed shipping, meaning that you’ll be backing your Macs up wirelessly with Time Machine soon. And by soon, that probably means next week, since they’re only heading out of China this week. [Apple]

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