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Apple close to a deal for Beatles tunes?!?

Reports: Apple close to a deal for Beatles catalog

Reports in several British newspapers say that former Beatle Paul McCartney has given his approval to make the Fab Four’s song catalog available on Apple’s iTunes in the coming months according to CNet’s News.com blog. Britain’s Telegraph reports that the deal could be worth $600 million.
A spokesman for Apple Corps, the Beatles record label.

(Via The Apple Core.)


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iPhone Gets Unlimited Voice Plan

iPhone Gets Unlimited Voice PlaniPhone Gets Unlimited Voice Plan

If you’re a chatterbox and have a cell phone glued to your ear for most of the day, then unlimited calling plans are definitely your best friend. The iPhone plan from AT&T now comes with an unlimited voice plan, where $120 a month will net you an unlimited voice and data plan rolled into one. The catch would be subscribing to this plan for at least two years, and there is no unlimited SMS attached so make sure you get the message across verbally instead of through typing. Give us the 3G iPhone already.

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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