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Apple iPhone Shortage Not Related to 3G Introduction

Why can’t you get an iPhone?
The web is all a BUZZ with guesses, rumors and speculations!


Here is one explanation from the Silicon Alley Insider – Dan Frommer


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Uninstalling Applications on your MAC

Uninstalling Applications

Quite a while ago I wrote a post about uninstalling applications. It used an application through the use of a program called AppZapper. Since you had to buy this application it wasn’t a viable alternative for everyone. Thankfully some people have developed a free application called AppCleaner. It works the same way an it is free.


It works in a very similar way to AppZapper, you select your application, drag it into the drop zone and it will work its magic. It also has a couple of other cool features including the ability to easily delete widgets and any other parts of your operating such as Preference Panes, Plugin’s and Screensavers.

It is a great little application and a very good alternative to AppZapper, its worth a download if you find yourself uninstalling applications a lot.

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All you need is a Jack Russell Terrier and $500!

All you need is a Jack Russell Terrier and $500! Then head on over to www.unicahome.com to pick up a very cool ipod dock!


Straight from the website:

the phonofone II designed by tristan zimmermann
through passive amplification alone, this unique piece instantly transforms any personal music player w/ earbuds into a sculptural audio console. without the use of external power or batteries, the phonofone inventively exploits the virtues of horn acoustics to boost the audio output of standard earphones to up to 55 decibels (or roughly the maximum volume of laptop speakers) upon connecting active earphones to the phonofone their trebly buzzing is instantly and profoundly transformed into a warm, rich and resonant sound.

the phonofone is constructed entirely from ceramic. not only environmentally low impact, ceramics are inherently rigid and resonant, lending themselves well to this application.

material: ceramic
dimensions: 11″ x 9.5″ x 20″

available april 2008 – $500.00

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Firefox 3 Beta 5 is now available

Firefox 3 Beta 5 is out!

Picture 4.png


Firefox 3 Beta 5 is available in 45 languages as a public preview release intended for developer testing and community feedback. It includes new features as well as dramatic improvements to performance, memory usage and speed.

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Cool Portable Record Player shaped like a VW bus

You spin me round like a record….Soundwagon Portable Record Player

Here’s the lowdown from the website:

Official cherry red version. Didn’t think I’d ever see these again, but thanks to the good dudes at Stokyo the Sound Wagon (aka Vinyl Killer) is reborn! You might have seen these back in the 70’s (if you’re old enough) or most probably in the 90’s on those old ISP videos, but incase you are unfamiliar, this little van is actually the world’s smallest portable record player. No joke! The van (officially licensed by Volkswagen btw) actually drives around your record and plays music out of the self contained speaker. It uses a small stylus under the van to track the record while the internal motor propels the van around the record at a perfect 33 1/3 speed (sorry no 45 RPM mode). The sound isn’t the greatest (it’s a toy speaker of course), but it’s mad fun to use and can act as an emergency record player at used shops and garage sales if you forget to bring your portable. Runs off a 9V battery not included. NOTE: Not recommended for use on invaluable records.

I have to get one of these, they run $89.00 – Comes in red, blue or black!

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Geek Toys! Small & fun video camera!

Digital Media Camera

The compact, portable and stylish SANYO Xacti CG9 camcorder is designed to capture both photos and videos.

I love new toys, especially quick, small & fun cameras…It runs around 3 bills (that’s $300)

Straight from the Sanyo website:

MPEG-4, H.264 Digital Video
9.12 Megapixel Still Images, CMOS
2.5″ LCD Display
5.0x Optical Zoom
Video and Still Image Stabilization
Real-Time Interpolation (12MP)
High Quality Audio Recording (AAC-LC)
Wind Roar and Red Eye Reduction
Web Cam Function
PictBridge Compatible
USB 2.0 and S-Video Output
Built-in Flash
SDHC Flash Memory, Compatible, 40 MB Internal Memory (approximately 1 hour, 20 minutes video recording per GB)

Capture life when it happens. The new SANYO Xacti CG9 camcorder records stunning digital video and amazing 9-megapixel digital photos and in one compact and easy to use design. The CG9 not only makes capturing images easy, but it also makes sharing them online, on portable video devices like IPod’s, TV’s and computers a breeze.

Easily transfer video and still images to your video capable iPod. Import video and still image files directly into iTunes software and then port them to your video-capable iPod. Share your latest masterpiece with friends and family.

Record over 8 hours of full motion video. Or capture over 2700, 9-megapixel still images on a 8GB SDHC memory card, over 4 hours of video with a 4GB SDHC memory card, over 2 hours with a 2GB standard SD card, or over one hour with a 1GB standard SD card.

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Touch Me! Microsoft Surface launch to begin April 17

Go ahead touch it, you know you want to!

First commercial Microsoft Surface launch to begin April 17 in select AT&T stores with expanded deployment planned throughout 2008.


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1500 devices charged up!! (not all at once)

Looking for a Sanctuary?


From the company that brought you Cool Feet and the Cableyoyo, just to name a few, comes The Sanctuary!

A cool little box like portable charging station. Here’s the low down:
The Sanctuary is a beautiful, simple solution to a real everyday problem. A place to put the multitude of personal items we all carry around so they are easily located again when later needed and, always fully charged.

The simple and compact design conceals a universal charger compatible with over 1500 electronic devices from most major brands and a USB port allowing hundreds more electronic devices to be charged using just The Sanctuary. Users can from now on charge their cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, iPod, MP3 player, and bluetooth headset simultaneously in one location.

A Charging Station designed for daily use at the bedside table, kitchen counter, office desk, etc, The Sanctuary performs its functions with ease and elegance. The Sanctuary never truly reveals its multi-purpose electronic capabilities so the user develops an emotional attachment, as it becomes personalized and integral to one’s daily routine.


It comes in Black or White.
Look & sounds cool, if you get one, let me know if it lives up to the hype!

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Save Time – Use Tabs in Safari 3.1

TMO Quick Tip – Quick Tabs in Safari 3.1

Jeff Gamet provides a VERY handy tip:

Tabbed browsing can save lots of Desktop space if you like to keep several Web browser windows open at the same time. Safari makes it easy to make new browser tabs with its Command-T keyboard shortcut, but if you are using Safari 3.1, you can Double-click to create new tabs, too.

To create a new Safari tab with your mouse, just Double-click in the Tab Bar. Safari will create a new tab and automatically select it as your active browser window.


(Via macobserver.com)

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iphone gets some competition!?!

Hands-on with Samsung’s Instinct

Samsung and Sprint were keeping their cards close all day today but we finally had a chance to check out Samsung’s Instinct up close and personal. The handset’s look and feel is really top notch, materials, finish, and the oh-so-glossy — but hard to shoot — screen is sweet. Haptics for touch feedback are here as well, and aside from some strange behavior while scrolling, was a pretty useful feature for letting you know you’d actually done something — it was most noticeable, and most useful when typing. Not a bad effort, look for this to hit Sprint in June. Follow the link to the gallery on Engadget Mobile.

(Via Engadget.)

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