Cool Portable Record Player shaped like a VW bus

You spin me round like a record….Soundwagon Portable Record Player

Here’s the lowdown from the website:

Official cherry red version. Didn’t think I’d ever see these again, but thanks to the good dudes at Stokyo the Sound Wagon (aka Vinyl Killer) is reborn! You might have seen these back in the 70’s (if you’re old enough) or most probably in the 90’s on those old ISP videos, but incase you are unfamiliar, this little van is actually the world’s smallest portable record player. No joke! The van (officially licensed by Volkswagen btw) actually drives around your record and plays music out of the self contained speaker. It uses a small stylus under the van to track the record while the internal motor propels the van around the record at a perfect 33 1/3 speed (sorry no 45 RPM mode). The sound isn’t the greatest (it’s a toy speaker of course), but it’s mad fun to use and can act as an emergency record player at used shops and garage sales if you forget to bring your portable. Runs off a 9V battery not included. NOTE: Not recommended for use on invaluable records.

I have to get one of these, they run $89.00 – Comes in red, blue or black!


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