Amazon lets you shop via SMS with TextBuyit!


Amazon lets you shop via SMS

What is Amazon TextBuyIt?
Amazon TextBuyIt is a service that enables consumers to find and buy products sold by Amazon using text messaging. The service lets you search for an item using keywords, such as those in an Amazon web search, get pricing and then buy an item from the search results. You can also order by texting specific information like ISBN or UPC barcode. Visit to learn more about how to activate your mobile phone number. All of your purchases made with Amazon TextBuyIt can be found in the “Where’s My Stuff” section of the “Your Account” page.

What can I order on using Amazon TextBuyIt?
Any item sold by can be purchased through TextBuyIt. Items that are not in stock or unavailable for any other reason will not be included in your TextBuyIt search results.

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