Apple comments on iPhone shortage…ummm kinda

Apple comments on iPhone shortage.

The iPhone shortage seems to have everyone talking these days. The mystery of why no iPhones are available in many Apple Stores throughout the country is what has everyone curious. Today, Apple’s Steve Dowling commented on the shortage to NY Times’ Saul Hansell.

“We are working to replenish iPhone supplies as quickly as we can,” Dowling said to Hansell. “Our stores continue to receive shipments almost every day.”


Hansell then tried to flesh out this statement a bit. “Do you confirm that those shipments to the stores are inadequate to meet demand? Why is there a delay on your website in shipping the iPhone? Is there a shortage of components? Is a model change imminent? Is there an accounting reason to prefer shipping to AT&T vs Apple stores?”

“I’ll just leave it at my statement,” Mr. Dowling said.

Apparently, this is a clear indication that Apple’s iPhone is in much higher demand than even Apple can keep up with. In just 19 days, Apple will announce exactly how many iPhones they have sold during their earnings conference call.

(Via LoopRumors.)


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