Growl gets new website!

Growl website gets redesign

DF9104FA-3064-4D3D-966C-547509F9570C.jpgIf you haven’t come across Growl yet, you need to go and get it now. Growl has become a part of my daily usage on my Mac, seamlessly integrating with dozens of shareware applications. For those that don’t know, Growl is a notifications system for Mac OS X – hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Mac developers have integrated the system into their apps, to bring the ultimate notifications system. For example, Skype notifications of incoming calls and IM messages.

This weekend, Growl’s website received a brand new design. The new site is much easier to navigate and looks much nicer. Unfortunately, the appear to be using the same web hosting as before – which means right now their site is very slow, if up at all.

Via (TUAW & Appletell)


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