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Apple TV – 2.0.2 Update

Apple Quietly Releases Apple TV 2.0.2 Update

Apple quietly pushed a new Software Update to the Apple TV today brining the Apple TV up to version 2.0.2. The 2.0.2 update is the second update since the Take 2 update that Apple announced at Macworld this year.

The previous 2.0.1 Apple TV update appeared to fix some bugs and added a new “Genres” option under “My Movies”. No word yet on what fixes or changes the 2.0.2 update brings.

(Via MacRumors.)


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100 HD Movie rentals from Apple but misses 1,000 SD mark..oops

News: Apple hits 100 HD-Dolby rentals, still misses 1,000 SD mark

If the latest summary pages generated by the iTunes Store and Apple TV can be believed, Apple has reached its previously stated goal of offering 100 “high definition video[s] with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound” for rent, yet still lags considerably behind its promised 1,000 standard-definition rentals—numbers originally promised by the end of February, but missed by wide margins. A count this afternoon of titles listed in Apple…”

(Via iLounge.)

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Full screen captures, saves web images: Latest iPhone beta firmware

Latest iPhone beta firmware does full screen captures, saves web images


You might have heard that the latest iPhone 2.0 beta firmware allows users to save web images to its running camera roll for later download to its host machine (or sharing via email). Well, a reliable source let us know that the image capturing good times don’t end there: the iPhone now capable of taking full screen caps (like the one above) simply by holding the sleep button, then tapping the home button. We haven’t personally tested either technique (we already know what you’re thinking: we can’t say whether it captures screens from a video), but apparently it flashes white to indicate the cap’s been taken and the image has been added to your roll. Let’s hope these two neato features make it to the release firmware.

(Via Engadget.)

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Internet radio on your iPhone!

I just checked this out and all I can say is WOW!
I have been listening to this great iTunes (among other sources) radio station – Radio Paradise. I wished I could listen to it on my iPhone, well dreams do come true, now I can. Check it out for yourself, plenty of different music, news, sports to choose from!

Picture 2.png

Now the iPhone is complete
FlyTunes is a FREE service that gives you what you really want – portable music and talk radio that’s better than Satellite radio, easy to use, and works on the device already in your pocket – the iPhone.

FlyTunes has nearly 200 unique channels of music, news, & sports that you can listen to anywhere. Most FlyTunes channels work on the EDGE network, so you can listen even with there’s no WiFi around.

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Check out The winners of the 2007 Engadget Awards!

Picture 1.png

Gadget of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Apple iPhone

Worst Gadget of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Microsoft Vista*

Most Anticipated Gadget of 2008
Readers’ Choice: Apple iPhone (3G)

Cellphone of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Sony Ericsson K850

Smartphone of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Apple iPhone

Desktop of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Apple iMac

Digital Camera of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Nikon D3

Display of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Dell 3008WFP UltraSharp

These are just a few – Click HERE for the complete list.

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MacBook video problem, Apple says “we’re are on it!”

Apple working on MacBook video fix

Apple has acknowledged video problems with the latest shipment of MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

8D90B3AC-5953-44FB-81DA-FA7ECEC3017E.jpgEarly customers of the Penryn refresh of the Apple notebooks had complained of flickering images during a QuickTime video playback on MacBooks and MacBook Pros shipping with the latest version of MacOS X Leopard, according to our colleagues over at MacFixIt. Several discussion threads have sprung up over on Apple’s user forums, and some customers report that Apple has now acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix.

MacFixIt reports that fix should come with Mac OS X 10.5.3, currently in the works. AppleInsider has reported that Apple has been a little more active than usual with the release of new builds of 10.5.3 to developers, suggesting that the next version might arrive sooner rather than later. Mac OS X 10.5.2 shipped in February.

(Via CNET.)

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Software makes Apple, not hardware says Forbes

Forbes: Software makes Apple, not hardware
CBDD8E56-989F-4FB3-B845-B675F5FA85FF.jpgDespite popular perceptions, Apple’s primary strengths are not in hardware but in software, according to Forbes. The business magazine notes that while the iPhone is an increasingly popular smartphone, and sales of Mac desktops and notebooks are eating further into PC marketshare, it is actually software which makes Apple products distinct.

(Via MacNN.)

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The Geekiest Wedding Rings Ever!

The Geekiest Wedding Rings Ever!

B17AE2F1-A8B3-4609-B8C1-30F2A8F35C30.jpgRemember when I asked you how geeky you were going to go for your wedding? Well, for those of you betrothed geeks who want something geeky and completely unique, check out Etsy artist Jana Bevick’s Cat 5 Compliant wedding ring set.

Made of sterling silver and an ethernet plug (if you don’t buy into the whole every-girl-needs-a-diamond thing), these rings could be the one-of-a-kind touch you’re looking for — for the geek wedding to end all geek weddings!

(Via geeksugar.)

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In-Flight WiFi Service…Coming Soon???

Airlines Working on Offering In-Flight WiFi Service

E0EB4E0A-DD0E-4F37-907F-F6F13FCAF9BC.jpgSeveral airlines are working on bringing (almost) full-blown WiFi service to flights within the United States, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. We say "almost," because if and when such services are offered, they are not likely to include Skype or other Internet-based phone services, but they will otherwise be a full service offering for laptop and iPhone-toting passengers.

(Via macobserver.)

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Now on iTunesU – PBS

PBS programming now on iTunes U

Picture 1.png

PBS programming has been added to iTunes U. Films like The War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick and The Jewish Americans: A Series by David Gurin, along with series like “Meet the Author” (which features more than 40 interviews with top children’s book authors and illustrators are all now available. In addition Washington D.C’s Public Broadcasting Station – WETA – has provided a rich assortment of educational programming for students, teachers, and parents. Four other PBS stations have also been added including KQED WGBH, thirteen, and ideastream.

You can check it all out right here in iTunes.

(Via Apple Gazette.)

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