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Icon Clock – perfect for any geek’s office!

Available in 4 colors – $55 check it out HERE


There’s something appealing about seeing objects from your operating system’s desktop appearing here in the real world. Take advantage of that two-worlds-collide irony with the Icon Clock, a 3.5-inch wall clock made of plastic resin and available in the trendy colors you see here.

We’ll have to add this $55 art object to our clock collection, just in case we start wondering what time it is.

(Via DVICE.)


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Car VentMount for iPhone from DLO

I pass this along since I saw it and I want one…HERE

Info right from their website:
Use VentMount for convenient, hands-free iPhone use in your car
Rotates horizontally or vertically – great for coverflow and driving directions
Use also as a stand-alone belt clip
Locking desktop stand for hands-free video viewing on any flat surface
Fits 4GB and 8GB iPhone.

Also available for iPod touch.

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Death and Taxes – Is the taxman eyeing iTunes?

Analysis: Is the taxman eyeing iTunes?

California State Assembly Bill 1956, which would have added digital downloads to the list of the state's taxable items, was narrowly defeated this week. But the question of taxing items such as iTunes downloads isn't going away.”

(Via Macworld.)

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Help Steve – The 2008 TIME 100 Finalists

Steve needs our help!

1D3A69CE-EF39-42BA-9AA9-DF0874468AA5.jpgWho Are the World’s Most Influential People?
Vote for the leaders, artists, enterpreneurs and thinkers who, in your opinion, deserve a spot on this year’s Time 100

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AmazonMP3 growth not effecting Apple’s iTunes

Analyst: AmazonMP3 growth not coming at Apple’s expense

A6C54555-844E-4D6A-9437-56CEAB966540.jpgAmazon launched its MP3 download service last September, but as of February 2008 customers trying out the new service are not coming at the expense of Apple’s iTunes Store. A new report from market research firm NPD, only 10 percent of AmazonMP3 customers had previously purchased digital music from iTunes.

iTunes recently claimed the top spot in the music retailer market, beating out Wal-Mart. However, in February Amazon claimed the number two spot, just behind Apple in the number of a-la-carte music tracks downloaded by consumers in the U.S.

That’s not to say that Amazon is close to Apple in sales. According to NPD, iTunes digital music sales are still 10 times that of AmazonMP3 on a unit basis.

The research also showed that 64 percent of AmazonMP3 sales were to males compared to 44 percent for iTunes. AmazonMP3 showed unexpected strength among young adults (consumers aged 18 to 25), but only 3 percent of their customers were teens (age 13 to 17).

In contrast the iTunes Music store sold nearly a fifth (18 percent) of its music to teens. NPD also pointed out that iTunes has a strong franchise in gift cards used by teens and Amazon has a relatively small base of teen CD buyers.

“While it’s still very early in the game, there’s no evidence that Apple customers are deserting iTunes for a new alternative, either because of price or DRM restrictions,” said Russ Crupnick, entertainment industry analyst for NPD. “Amazon may simply be opening new markets from their existing consumer base and introductory promotions.”

(Via Macworld.)

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iHome iP99 iPhone-friendly clock radio

iHome iP99 claims to be first iPhone-friendly clock radio, isn’t

81B01B4D-A175-4849-AA39-C78C89DB10B8.jpgOh sure, the iHome iP99 is certainly a welcome addition to the fray, but the first iPhone-compatible clock radio it isn’t. Nevertheless, this device claims to be able to play back tunes on your handset without that sanity-killing interference that’s so common on most iPod stereo systems. While blasting out tunes, users can still expect to receive calls while it’s charging, and if you’re currently rolling sans an iPhone, it’ll also play nice with all docking iPod models. Per usual, there’s an AM / FM tuner, auxiliary input, a variety of wake modes, dual alarm settings, backlit buttons and a remote control for switching tracks / controlling volume from afar. Of course, by the time this thing lands in June for $149.99.

(Via Engadget.)

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30-bit Color Display from HP and Dreamworks = Sweet!

HP and Dreamworks Announce 30-bit Color Display


Everyone wants the cool Apple 30″ monitor, ok, I want 2 of them! But for most of us in the real world, it all comes down to $$$. So check out what’s on the horizon. Let’s just hope the pricing is pleasing on the pocketbook!

HP and DreamWorks announced that they have been “working together” on a 30-bit color display that will be built for 25% of the cost of equivalent displays in this space. I used the quotes up there because it looks to me like the DreamWorks name is there for marketing purposes – that’s just my assumption. 

Most LCD displays on the market can display up to 16.7 million colors. That number comes from the combination of 256-levels of red, green and blue (16.7M = 256x256x256 = 24-bit). While most of us tolerate the occasional color bending on dark gradients, “workstation” displays have to be better than that, and some can display one billion colors (30-bit = 10-bit of red, green, blue). Two more bits doesn’t seem like a lot, but now we would have 1024-levels of R,G,B – this makes color gradients much, much better.

Don’t dream about having one of these just yet. For one, consumer graphics cards can’t display 30-bit color (10-10-10, not to be confused with 32bits 8-8-8-8, which is 24bits of visible colors and 8 bits of alpha-channel). Secondly, consumer operating systems aren’t too friendly with 30-bit color either. No pricing yet.

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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‘Pick of the Week’ from iTunes & Starbucks

iTunes, Starbucks create ‘Pick of the Week

625A3CC4-D03F-4CA6-9E81-A927FFE0C6D5.jpgApple and Starbucks on Tuesday announced the Pick of the Week. It’s a new program that offers Starbucks customers free music and music videos each week, downloadable through the iTunes Store.

The music will be available through Pick of the Week download cards provided at more than 7,000 company-owned Starbucks locations in the United States. The card will enable customers to get a complimentary song or music video picked by Starbucks Entertainment and iTunes. Customers have u to 60 days from the date the Pick of the Week is available to redeem the free song.

The promotion is kicking off with “Washington Square” from Counting Crows. Starbcks says that artists lined up for future Picks of the Week include Carly Simon, Duffy, Adele, Sia, Hilary McRae and more.

This is the latest extension of a partnership between Starbucks and Apple that first took shape back in October, 2006, when the iTunes Store first launched the Starbucks Entertainment area — a specially-branded portion of the iTunes Store. Since then, Starbucks has begun to roll out access to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store at select locations, where patrons can download music and get more info about what that Starbucks happens to be playing at the time.

(Via Macworld.)

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RFID tags in individual garments : American Apparel

American Apparel straps RFID tags onto individual garments


RFID clothing is far from revolutionary, but American Apparel is about to get everyone’s attention by placing tags on a smorgasbord of garments. The firm is setting out to implement RFID at the item-level, meaning that tags will eventually hit each article of clothing it produces. For starters, the advanced inventory system will be rolled out across each of its 17 metro New York locations, while plans are already in place to deploy the solution to another 120 North American outlets. The idea is to track individual pieces as they’re “tagged at the company’s manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, received in its retail stores, stored in the stock rooms at the stores, and then placed onto the sales floor and ultimately sold at the point-of-sale.” Of course, we wouldn’t expect the tags to follow you home or anything — too bad we can’t say the same for the company’s skeezy CEO, Dov Charney.

(Via Engadget.)

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