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Nnn – Bee – Cee! Wants back on iTunes.

6681BA30-C7C3-40FA-AA8E-D7FCA5450BE4.jpgSAN FRANCISCO–NBC Universal would like to have its TV shows distributed once again through Apple’s iTunes service, a top executive said Wednesday, but he called for antipiracy measures to help protect his business’ revenue.

George Kliavkoff, chief digital officer at NBC Universal, didn’t specifically mention Apple by name in his request, but it was clear he had the iPod maker in mind when it came to combating people’s consumption of pirated content.

George Kliavkoff, chief digital officer at NBC Universal
(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET Networks)
“If you look at studies about MP3 players, especially leading MP3 players and what portion of that content is pirated, and think about how that content gets onto that device, it has to go through a gatekeeping piece of software, which would be a convenient place to put some antipiracy measures,” Kliavkoff said in an onstage interview at the Ad:Tech conference here. “One of the big issues for NBC is piracy. We are financially harmed every day by piracy. It results in us not being able to invest as much money in the next generation of film and TV products.”

Read Full Post HERE – Via CNET


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Send free text messages with Jaxtr

Send free text messages to any phone with Jaxtr

6B5C63D9-DF84-487B-BEE3-F175AB383BA1.jpgVoIP company Jaxtr has added a new module that lets uses send free text messages to any cellphone from their Jaxtr homepage. There’s no fee for sending the message, but if the recipient has to pay per message, you might want to think twice before sending dozens of messages a day. Unless you hate the person you’re texting, of course.

We first covered Jaxtr way back in 2006 when the company released a tool for blogger and web publishers to embed a widget on their web sites that let visitors place calls to the web site author. You can also add a Jaxtr widget to social networking pages like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Orkut.

Honestly, we don’t know too many people who want to take phone calls all day from visitors to their web sites or social networking profiles. But now that we’ve discovered the free SMS service, we can actually see ourselves using Jaxtr on a regular basis.

(Via Download Squad.)

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“Arrange in Front” in Safari!

“Arrange in Front” in Safari!

A great tip:

7BB0379B-CC95-41E8-B26C-3B79A1F28D02.jpgThis is a hidden feature from Safari’s “Window” menu. By default, it is “Bring All to Front”, but when you hold down “Option”, it switches to “Arrange in Front”. What it seems to do is align all Safari windows in an ordered manner.

(Via A New Mac Tip Every Day.)

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Safari 3.1.1 – Get it while it’s HOT!

Safari 3.1.1 released
EF724A03-C9D9-423F-95C2-0ECE5FB793AC.jpgSafari 3.1.1 is now available for both Windows and OS X. According to Apple, this update “includes improvements to stability, compatibility and security.”

On the security front, this security bulletin outlines the changes. It appears as if a vulnerability existed that could allow malicious sites to spoof URL headers or execute arbitrary code. There are two issues that specifically affect the Windows version of Safari, so users on both platforms should be sure to update.
<br /

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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Spotlight does it Right – Lots O’ Tips

Geek Tip: Maximize Your Mac With Spotlight

Picture 5.pngMaybe you know everything that Spotlight does already, and maybe you’ve never really thought about the little magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner of your Mac’s screen.

f you’re in the latter category, then I have some tips that will make your life easier. You may use it most often in the search bar of your browser window or to hunt down stuff in iTunes, but these tips explore the offline applications of this handy little tool (for those of you who have updated to Leopard).
Click on the Spotlight icon for:
A Dictionary: Don’t waste your time looking for a website to do it for you — just open spotlight, type in “lugubrious,” and hit enter. Spotlight activates the Dictionary application and provides you with the definition of the word and its etymology.
A Calculator: Just type the math problem into Spotlight and the calculation is performed and displayed in the window.
To see what else it can do, read more.
To open up applications and files instantly — good even if you use Quicksilver.
Lastly, the shortcut key to get to the Spotlight for Finder is command-space bar or command-option-space bar.

(Via geeksugar.)

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Microsoft planning “Zune-esque” entertainment store?!?

9692A7EB-823E-4372-8F82-81D5F77A5974.jpgMicrosoft may be putting together an “entertainment marketplace” tentatively named Zune VideoX, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reported Wednesday. In other words, it’s yet another digital content store trying to take a bite out of Apple’s iTunes.

Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Devices and Entertainment eHome division, is reportedly spearheading the project. But it goes without saying that as with any of these “iTunes killers” that seem to pop up like mushrooms after rain, well, it’s going to be an uphill battle even for Redmond.

Creating a solid digital download store is something that Microsoft has tried repeatedly, and hasn’t gotten right yet. Its Zune Marketplace hasn’t exactly been a resounding success. There has also been chatter about something called “eLive,” a marketplace of digital download content–music, video, games–for Zune digital media players, Windows-based PCs, Xbox gaming consoles, and Windows Mobile smartphones.

“eLive was renamed and recrafted to Zune VideoX,” a source told Foley, “and the eLive vision scaled down to focus on Zune.” Really? That’s too bad. The Xbox has been a much more resounding success than the Zune, and it already has the successful Xbox Live Marketplace as a starting point.

That said, there’s reportedly a third-generation Zune coming next year. And on another note, can somebody please outlaw the term “iTunes killer?”


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IBM Employees Using Macs – Hell gets a little chilly…

IBM Employees To Use Macs

DA013264-0202-4BCC-A547-DDF8D1699EE9.jpgIBM has just launched an internal pilot program that will see its employees move onto the Mac platform – which is pretty funny if you ask me. The first phase of the pilot program has started since October 2007 till January 2008, where two dozen MacBook Pros were distributed to researchers at different sites in IBM’s research division. It seems as though one of the main reasons of this paradigm shift is due to the fact that Macs are less prone to security issues, while many new IBM employees are also more comfortable with the Mac as compared to their own ThinkPads. Guess this is somewhat akin to a BMW engineer driving a Mercedes instead.

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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