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“Most Innovative” – Apple tops BusinessWeek’s List

BusinessWeek today released its list of “The 25 Most Innovative Companies” in the world, with oldapplelogo_small.jpgApple, Google, and Toyota taking the top three spots, respectively. The publication states the list is based on companies who nurture cultures that value creative people in good economic times and bad, as well as those that develop a diversified stock portfolio, and display independent though for corporate strategy, despite “finger-wagging” from analysts.
The Boston Consulting Group compiled these results from recommendations by executives who were asked to identify the most pioneering companies in the last year. BCG weighted the results financially as well, with 80-percent coming from the survey, 10-percent from stock returns, with margin growth and three-year revenue each at 5-percent.

Rounding out the top 10 are General Electric, Microsoft, Tata Group, Nintendo, Procter & Gamble, Sony, and Nokia.

(Via MacNN | The Macintosh News Network.)


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what, what, WHAT! Ten things I hate about the Mac and love about Windows

Ten things I hate about the Mac and love about Windows


What I Hate About The Mac

1) USB Devices Always Wake the Computer – If my computer is sleeping, and I unplug my iPod to go out, why does my computer wake up? Why, why, why? Same if I’m unplugging my display/USB hub to use my computer as a laptop. The computer should NOT wake up.

2) USB Drives Can’t Simply Be Unplugged – In a similar vein to the first one, I should be able to yank out my USB drive and go. Why do I have to eject the drive first? I don’t on Windows…

3) No Cut and Paste in the Finder – Before I start, I understand the motivation for utilizing drag and drop. And for the most part, I love using drag an drop. But when I’m moving a file from one folder nested in Adam/Documents/Important/Files/Taxes/NotReallyTaxes/Games/MoveThis.file all the way to Adam/Movies/Films/A-F/Crappy Movies/ThisFileWas.moved, Drag and Drop isn’t the best option. Even if it isn’t called cut and paste (I’m aware of the problem with the name scheme), call it “Sticky Move” or “Smart Move” or something. Just include it.

4) No Universal Uninstaller – I love that applications in OS X are for the most part self contained. You can drag to a folder to install, and uninstall by dragging to trash. But for applications like Adobe Photoshop CS3, or Apple’s own Final Cut Studio, they are not self contained and to properly uninstall, one needs to resort to third party apps like AppDelete and AppZapper. Windows has an uninstaller (albeit a hit or miss one) built in. Why can’t OS X? It wouldn’t be used that much, but when it is needed, it would be invaluable.

5) Empty Trash is Severely Crippled – If I drop a file into the trash that an application is using, the trash won’t empty. It will throw up a message saying that “Trash cannot empty because such and such is in use.” This is all fine and well, unless, as I find happens much too often, none of your open applications seem to be using it. I have quit all my apps too many times to count only to find that the file was still “in use.” Is it too much to ask for OS X to at least tell me what process is using it? Then I could kill it with Activity Monitor.


What I Love About Windows

1) Ability To Install Almost Any Software – What’s the oldest software you can run natively on a new Mac? About three years. What’s the oldest software you can run natively on Windows? Way over 10 years. I had an OS9 version of Photoshop Elements. Ran in Classic on my Power PC Mac, Didn’t run at all on my Intel Mac. The Windows version (bundled on the same CD) Ran like a charm on Windows XP.

2) Maximize Done Right – I know that the green button in OS X isn’t technically a Maximize button, but I don’t know what it is. In iTunes and Calculator, its a mode switcher. In Safari, it’s a resizer. In iPhoto, iMovie, Aperture, and Firefox, it’s a maximizer. In Windows, it has, does, and always will expand the window to full screen. I understand why maximization isn’t practical in todays world of huge screens, but neither is a multi purpose vague button marked with a plus that may, in fact, make the window smaller.

3) Access to the Innards – Quick and Easy. I can delete any System File without being told I don’t have privileges even though I’m the freakin’ administrator. Great for tinkerers.

4) Easy Force Quit – By and large, it takes three clicks of “Force Quit” in OS X to actually make it force quit. In Windows,as long as you can get the Task Manager up, you can quit anything. It’s as easy as Ctrl-Alt-Del.

5) Settings are Remembered – OS X, If I leave my Finder window in the corner, I want it to stay in the corner. Windows knows this, you can learn too. Thanks.

What gripes do you have with OS X? What do you love about Windows? How about the other way around? Sound off below!

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Get Naked! Case for iPhone & iPod Touch

Naked Case for iPhone & iPod Touch

Nobody really wants to cover up the sleekness of the iPhone or iPod Touch with a gaudy case. But if you want to keep it protected, what are you to do? For a nearly invisible solution, check out the Naked Case ($35; iPhone/Touch). Billed as the world’s first touch-through case, it features Matrix-sounding electrostatic membrane technology that mimics the way the iPhone and iPod Touch screens work, allowing you to fully control them as normal.

IPOD & IPHONE $35 – Get it HERE!

(Via Uncrate.)

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Lightning Fast screen grab sharing!

Lightning Fast screen grab sharing!

91AD630B-CF2D-49D6-8EAF-7DF28CD76FB2.jpgSending screen grabs to your friends has always been an unnecessarily slow and arduous task.
Taking the screen shot, opening a browser, loading up an image host, uploading the image then
copying and pasting the link… grabup makes that entire process instant.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Get it Here!

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Google Updates Google Earth Software

Google Updates Google Earth Software

E001EEC4-7904-4F0F-8596-645AA2F3C615.jpgGoogle has just released an updated version of its Google Earth desktop software that claims to offer a higher quality, more immersive experience. In addition to a new navigation system, users will also benefit from more realistic, real-world data as well as incorporate a first-person, ground-level perspective which is normally found in FPS games. Street View in Google Maps is also included, while a Sunlight feature allows users to set the sun’s location relative to the earth. How is your new Google Earth experience so far?
Get it HERE!

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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RUMOR ALERT! New MacBook, MacBook Pro, and 32GB iPhone

Sketchy pictures of new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and 32GB iPhone surface

Whoops! Apple’s gone and leaked its brand new aluminum MacBook and redesigned MacBook Pros to the interblogs. Yeah, it seems old Jobsy has really loosened the binds over in Cupertino — he doesn’t care what gets out these days. No, but seriously, some cats on the internet supposedly discovered a .Mac page which appears to display mockups (or actual product renderings) for a new line of laptops, as well as adverts for iTunes 8 and iPhones in the 32GB variety (for Australia, naturally). Of course, this is wild, crazy, unfounded speculation, and likely has no basis in reality at all. Then again, you never know… stranger things have happened. Steve, we await your takedown requests. See full pages for yourself in the gallery after the break.

(Via Engadget.)


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