IT departments running out of excuses not to use Macs

IT departments running out of excuses not to use Macs

3BC55A03-19C8-4EF2-9D0A-9700949E57E4.jpgIn spite of their stability and ease of use, Macs have long been shunned by IT departments everywhere. It is getting harder and harder for IT departments to come up with reasons not to include Macs in their short lists of hardware, however. With factors from a greater number of users embracing the Apple interface to greater availability of cross platform options, IT is running out of excuses.

More and more people in the work force are asking their IT departments to either switch to or offer Macs as an option. Up until now, there weren’t that many compelling reasons for IT to say yes. Macs have been hobbled in the past by high prices, lack of cross platform compatibility, and a reputation for lacking enterprise management solutions and being only “for creatives”.

The surge in Mac requests has come hot on the heels of the popularity of the iPhone, iPods and the newest lines of MacBooks, MacBook Pros and iMacs. Company IT departments are usually keen on keeping the hardware in a company as uniform as possible to prevent issues with incompatibility, malfunctions and problems like viruses. These are all problems that plague the more ubiquitous Windows systems.

Macs are gaining a toehold in corporate America because they are prone to none of the incompatibility issues that Windows based PCs are. Mac’s insistence on doing everything from design and hardware to software in house keeps their computers in top shape right out of the starting gate. They are built to be easy to use, and will “see” whole networks regardless of platform once installed.

More and more people are writing software for Macs, eliminating the software compatibility argument. There is also a plethora of Open Source software available as well. Though a bit pricier out of the starting gate, when you stack them up next to an equivalently equipped PC their cost effectiveness becomes apparent. They also have a long shelf life, capable of lasting for years, often long past the changes in technology.

Even the government is thinking of rising the Mac wave, publishing a handbook on how to make their security comparable to federal standards. IT departments are coming to realize how easy MAcs are to set up and how simple they are to support, as well. Over time, any remaining reluctance to avoid Macs in businesses should be eliminated as they grow in popularity and demand for something better than Windows continues.”



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