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A new Green Monster in Boston from Apple

Apple erects second Green Monster in Boston
F7849BB0-7979-4D90-8269-E60293C325EC.jpgApple has erected a second Green Monster to join the famous 37-foot, two-inch left field wall of Fenway Park, the home of Major League Baseball’s World Champion Boston Red Sox.

Apple’s is a teaser billboard covering the facade of their upcoming Apple Store Boylston Street.

See better and larger photos via TUAW here.

(Via MacDailyNews.)


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Apple adds Java SE 6 for Leopard

Apple adds Java SE 6 for Leopard.

iphone-shortage.jpgApple today released Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 to add support for Java SE 6 to Leopard.

This Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 adds Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_05 to your Mac. This update does not replace the existing installation of J2SE 5.0 or change the default version of Java.

Leopard received plenty of criticism for the lack of Java 6 support soon after it was released.

(Via LoopRumors.)

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Free Word Processor for Mac – Bean

Looking for a FREE, easy little word processor, Bean is your answer!

Bean – Free Word Processor For OS X


Bean 1.2.0 is an easy to use word processor for OS X with a huge list of features.


  • 5 Enhancements Added (New)
  • 4 Bug Fixes (New)
  • Improved Performance For Leopard
  • Live Word Count
  • Get Info Panel And Auto Save
  • Inspector Panel And Spellcheck
  • Page Layout Mode
  • Support For Most File Formats
  • Much More
  • (Via Cool OSX Apps.)

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Understanding RSS in Safari

A Great read for anyone trying to get a grip on RSS, from OS X help:

B2B62DAF-4D6D-4075-AE03-2089935AF2F2.jpgUnderstanding RSS in Safari

There have been a few comments on the site asking for us to cover RSS. I have several direct emails from readers asking the same. Today, we will explain what RSS is, how it can help you keep up to date with the rapidly changing web, and in general, what a near mandatory tool it is.

My gut tells me new users have no idea what RSS is, let alone the value it holds. I suspect that since there are links to RSS feeds on nearly every site, people are curious, but just have no idea where to turn to for good advice.

A Google search will show you nice definitions of RSS. You may walk away understanding that it is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Even knowing that, to this day, those three words do little to help me in knowing what the heck RSS is good for.

Let’s fix that right now.

Read the rest of Understanding RSS in Safari

(Via OS X Help.)

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Messenger: Mac 7 with Bonjour & AV meetings

Messenger for Mac 7 adds Bonjour, AV meetings
Picture 5.pngMicrosoft has released Messenger for Mac 7, the latest version of its ported instant messaging client. For all users the major addition is support for Apple’s Bonjour technology, which lets users more quickly detect other users and peripherals on a network.

It is now also possible to sort through contacts with a new search tool, and create nicknames for people that will remain unchanged even as their screen name is altered.

Corporate users can now host multi-party audio and video conferences, a feature enhanced by the ability to more rapidly check someone’s chat availability. Finally the software has improved support for Office Communications Server 2007, granting users the ability to search corporate-level address books from within Messenger.

The download is 21MB, and requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later. It should not be used with Live Communications Server 2005, which only supports up to Messenger 6.

(Via MacNN.)

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3G iPhone – smaller, lighter, better screen

Paper: 3G iPhone to be smaller, lighter
815E93A4-38C1-440A-840D-C87DDFB47A50.jpgThe next generation of Apple’s phone should include a significantly smaller phone that may replace the existing model, according to claims by Taiwan Economic News. The paper echoes recent rumors in claiming that the device will use a plastic backing in place of aluminum but also contends that the device will be significantly smaller than the original, with a 2.8-inch screen replacing the 3.5-inch model used today. The combination of a lighter material and smaller frame is said to reduce the weight to between 3.9 and 4.2 ounces from the initial model’s 4.8.
Battery life will also improve, says the Economic News, though whether this is from the smaller screen alone or newer technology is unknown.

The publication also reiterates previous reports which claim that Apple is requiring that Foxconn produce 3 million iPhones for June and adds that the order will initially require a batch of 300,000 devices before full production begins. No explanation is given for the preliminary quantity.

The 2.8-inch screen size would bring the Apple device into more closer size competition with phones from several other manufacturers, many of whom have similarly adopted touchscreen-focused designs but at smaller sizes. Phones such as the LG Vu and Samsung Instinct use screens closer to the 3-inch mark, while the HTC Touch has used a 2.8-inch screen since its launch in May of last year.

(Via MacNN.)

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iTunes Welcomes BBC America content

BBC America content comes to U.S. iTunes Store
BBC America has begun selling TV programs through the U.S. iTunes Store, including Torchwood, Little Britain and Robin Hood.

Each series is available either per episode for $1.99 each, or per season. The U.S. iTunes Store’s coverage begins with Robin Hood Series (Season) 2; Little Britain Series 3 and Torchwood Series 2

(Via Macworld.)

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FREE! Coldplay music give-away!!! Act FAST!

Coldplay music give-away

51BEE527-D011-47A1-B635-F40D51C8C36E.jpgColdplay give away new song, but only for a week, as report claims Nokia music initiative could be expensive

From today at 12.15pm, Coldplay will begin offering their latest single `Violet Hill’ as a free download from the band’s website.

(Via Macworld UK.)

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Geek “must have” – Power Strip that determines how much energy you use

Determine how much energy you use with Power Cost Controller Power Strip
Cut down on energy costs and reduce your electric bill. Simply plug the easy-to-use Power Cost Controller with surge protection into the wall and connect your electronics to the power strip to see how efficient it really is. Large LCD display will count consumption and cost by the kilowatt-hour, same as your local utility. Monitor your electric consumption by hour, day, week, month, even an entire year. Also check the quality of your power by monitoring voltage, line frequency, and power factor. Measures 8-1800W appliances. Now you’ll know how much your computer network or home media center really costs! $99.99 Get it HERE!

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“Geek Tip” How to Miniaturize a Scene

How to Miniaturize a Scene

Miniaturize a Scene
It’s called a tilt-shift effect. It’s a favorite device of fine-art photographers and the Flickr crowd. The idea is to keep a narrow band of a picture in sharp focus while blurring everything else. The result: a sprawling photo-scape suddenly looks like a scale model. To pull it off you need an expensive tilt-shift lens -— or this simple Photoshop trick.
This page is a wiki. Got extra advice? Log in and add it.

How To Proceed

1. Import your image to Photoshop, then press Q to enter Quick Mask mode.

2. Select the Gradient tool and set it to Reflected Gradient. Click on the area you want to be in focus and drag the cursor in the direction you want the image to blur.

3. Press Q again to complete the mask and exit Quick Mask mode

4. Invert your selection with CTRL+SHIFT+I (in Windows) once you quit Quick Mask, otherwise you’ll blur the section you actually want to keep in focus 🙂

5. Apply a blur filter from the Filters menu.

6. Marvel at your masterpiece.

(Via Wired News.)


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