“Geek Tip” How to Miniaturize a Scene

How to Miniaturize a Scene

Miniaturize a Scene
It’s called a tilt-shift effect. It’s a favorite device of fine-art photographers and the Flickr crowd. The idea is to keep a narrow band of a picture in sharp focus while blurring everything else. The result: a sprawling photo-scape suddenly looks like a scale model. To pull it off you need an expensive tilt-shift lens -— or this simple Photoshop trick.
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How To Proceed

1. Import your image to Photoshop, then press Q to enter Quick Mask mode.

2. Select the Gradient tool and set it to Reflected Gradient. Click on the area you want to be in focus and drag the cursor in the direction you want the image to blur.

3. Press Q again to complete the mask and exit Quick Mask mode

4. Invert your selection with CTRL+SHIFT+I (in Windows) once you quit Quick Mask, otherwise you’ll blur the section you actually want to keep in focus 🙂

5. Apply a blur filter from the Filters menu.

6. Marvel at your masterpiece.

(Via Wired News.)


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