New 2.0 speaker system from Sony

3A2303DB-5F58-456F-8688-7D609886CC69.jpgSony has unveiled the SRSZX1, its latest 2.0 speaker system, ideal for brightening up your desktop and entertaining your colleagues with “an enriched sound range and fuller bass sound reproduction”.

Sony is promoting the SRSZX1 as a good solution for those who use their PC for gaming, listening to music or watching DVDs.

Aluminium finish

“The SRSZX1 has been innovatively designed to provide the performance of a 2.1 speaker in a stylish and compact, yet powerful 2.0 unit,” Sony informs us.

Add to this a rather fetching aluminium finish, a compact wireless remote controller, Mobius Duct technology which ‘minimises wind noise’, Turbo Shift technology for extended bass range and a Sigma-Type magnetic circuit for better sound reproduction.

No news yet on pricing, but we should have more info shortly.

By Adam Hartley (via – techradar)


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