Understanding RSS in Safari

A Great read for anyone trying to get a grip on RSS, from OS X help:

B2B62DAF-4D6D-4075-AE03-2089935AF2F2.jpgUnderstanding RSS in Safari

There have been a few comments on the site asking for us to cover RSS. I have several direct emails from readers asking the same. Today, we will explain what RSS is, how it can help you keep up to date with the rapidly changing web, and in general, what a near mandatory tool it is.

My gut tells me new users have no idea what RSS is, let alone the value it holds. I suspect that since there are links to RSS feeds on nearly every site, people are curious, but just have no idea where to turn to for good advice.

A Google search will show you nice definitions of RSS. You may walk away understanding that it is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Even knowing that, to this day, those three words do little to help me in knowing what the heck RSS is good for.

Let’s fix that right now.

Read the rest of Understanding RSS in Safari

(Via OS X Help.)

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