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Great Tip: Cropping With Grab

Quick Tip: Cropping With Grab


A great tip from mactips :

There’s usually more than one way to complete a task, there’s the fast way, and the slow way. The slow way to crop a photo from the internet would be to save it to your Downloads folder, open it in preview, then crop it.

The fast way is to hit Shift+Command+4 and take a screenshot of only the section of the picture that you need.

(Via mactips.)


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Virgin shuns Apple!

Virgin shuns Apple
F9701119-DD88-42BF-A219-DEC34C5D6F0A.jpgVirgin Atlantic air travellers who opt to use an Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air are being left out when it comes to working in the sky Pocket-lint has learnt.

Although the airline advertises that its customers can power their laptop in the air, Richard Branson’s fleet has yet to get around to updating the power options for Apple laptop customers.

The news means thousands of MacBook and MacBook Pro travellers are being left out in the cold unable to work longer than their battery dictates.

The airline offers business travellers a power cable and tip for laptops with a large majority of PC laptops covered, however when it comes to Apple, only older PowerBook users can benefit.

Apple changed its power cable in 2007 with the introduction of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The power cable tip features a magnet it in so it holds onto the laptop, while at the same time not damaging it if it’s pulled on.”


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Windshield mount for iPhone & iPod

Griffin WindowSeat – windshield mount for iPhone & iPod


What good is your iPhone or iPod touch if you can’t get to it? WindowSeat gives your device the best seat in the car by mounting handily at eye level on your car’s windshield or dashboard, putting all of your street maps, directions etc. safely in view and easily within reach. Attaches with silicone suction pads and allows easy access to dock connector and headphone jack. When you leave the vehicle, there’s a convenient corner-release which lets you easily detach your device to take it with you, while leaving the mount safely in place. A nice touch is the swiveling ball-and-socket joint which makes it easy to adjust the angle.

Conveniently, it can be used in conjunction with Griffin Technology’s PowerJolt charger for iPhone and iPods.

Just out, you can pick it up for $29.99 at Griffin. Also available at Amazon.

(Via Popgadget.)

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List of recent WDDC rumors!

Christmas to Come Early

A9AC4CA6-1D36-43FC-89A2-FBC168D53FE0.jpgWith all the WDDC rumors flying around Worldwide Developers Conference 2008, it has become tough to keep track of them all.  Here is a list of recent rumors, and details on their credibility.

1.  3G iPhone – Is the Pope Catholic?  I think that it is safe to say that this is the only rumor that is definitely going to become a reality.  Now the only question is what it will look like and what any changes to the OS will be.  Personally, I would love the iPhone to look something like this.  Two of the biggest proofs behind this rumor are a lack of iPhones (“Currently unavailable”) on the Apple website and the fact that AT&T are not allowing their employees to take vacations for a period of time this summer, supposedly around the 3G iPhone launch.  Also pointing to 3G are supposedly leaked screenshots of the 3G iPhone, strange new terms on shipping manifests, dates supposedly being announced, strange looking icons buried deep within the iPhone SDK, and announcements coming straight from the horse’s mouth, or in this case, the mouth of the Telefónica Europe’s CEO.

2.  .Mac take two – No one is positive, but I think that this one is fairly likely.  Opal Tribble reports on the subject.  Oh, and Steve? If you are reading this, just know that changing the name to Mobile Me will beat the great service that .Mac provides around the head, and then proceed with a sharp kick to the groin for good measure.  In other words, I really really really don’t like the sound of that name.

3.  Tablet Mac – about a 60-75% chance of truth.  A tablet Mac would be nice, and it would really put an emphasis on portability.  MacRumors reports the following:

As part of an Intel event for the 40th birthday of the semiconductor company at Munich’s BMW World, Germany managing director Hannes Schwaderer confirmed today what has long been a rumor on the Internet: namely, that there is an iPhone with Intel’s new Atom chip. The device is slightly larger than the current version, Schwaderer said. That is not, however, because of the Intel chip, but because of the larger display used in the new iPhone.

A Tablet Mac would be awesome, and Apple has been known to surprise, but I think that rumors surrounding a large iPhone type device should be taken with a grain of salt.

4. MacBook Redesign – the chances of this are only slightly better then those of George Bush being reelected.  More possible, I think, would simply be upgrades to the innards of the current MacBook.

5. OS 10.6 demo – Least likely of the group.  Apple has patented the possible names Lynx and Cougar, following the large cats theme, so something should be coming soon.  Personally, I prefer Cougar.  The only possible reasoning behind the demo is it would put the new OS in good position for a MacWorld ‘09 release.

I think that it is definitely safe to say that this year’s WWDC conference will not disappoint.

(Via Appletell.)

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Manages multiple iTunes libraries with SuperSync 2.4

SuperSync 2.4 manages multiple iTunes libraries


SuperSync has released the v2.4 update to its self-titled software, used to manage multiple iTunes libraries across multiple computers and iPods. The update adds several significant features, most notably the saving of user-created metadata, such as groupings, play counts, and volume and EQ adjustments.

Supported custom video metadata now includes series and episode numbers, as well as type, whether movie, TV show or music video.

A new iPod reader has been added, which copies music, videos and playists off of iPods; users can additionally save files from remote libraries. The interface, meanwhile, has been improved with new sorting and duplicate identification options, and now flags local tracks in gray, remote ones in blue, and synched ones in green.

Finally, audio formats have been expanded to incorporate Ogg Vorbis and M4R (ringtones). A two-computer SuperSync license costs $30 Get it HERE

(Via ipodnn)

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Force Eject! Handy Mac App!

Force Eject


Can be used to eject any removable disk that the system will not eject.
Quick, easy, simple…

Get it HERE

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.Mac by any other name…..

Mac name change confirmed?


Earlier reports of .Mac receiving a major makeover appear to be all but confirmed, as developers and enthusiasts find proof of a .Mac name change to Mobile Me. The Coding Robots blog reveals that the new iPhone SDK also contains information specific to the .Mac restructuring. Deep in the SDK, in a file entitled “Main.strings”, a definition at the beginning of the file states “MOBILE_ME_SERVICE_NAME”, while a PNG graphic file called “mobileMeAlbum.png” sits within the PrivateFrameworks directory.
An individual identified as Jamie Marshall also found that is currently parked by, the domain registration service that Apple uses for its URLs, including”

Read full Article HERE

(Via macnn .)

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New 3G iPhone already here!!!!! Get yours June 9th

New 3G iPhone already here ! Steve Jobs to announce IMMEDIATE WORLDWIDE availablity at WWDC.

Forbes today reports that the new 3G iPhone is already here and that Apple has been quietly positioning units around the world.

5545D1D2-5E6D-43D6-90F6-8BD474261766.jpgApple has been quietly positioning millions of units of a mysterious new product–almost certainly the new iPhone–in key markets since March. And yet, incredibly, not one credible image of Apple’s new product has yet been published.” Brian Caufield reports.

“If the new phone is a flop, it’s going to be a doozy. Apple is promising to sell 10 million of the gizmos this year; many investors are betting the Cupertino, Calif., company will sell many more than that. Yet Jobs has managed to keep the look, the feel and a complete list of the phone’s features under wraps.”

Here at MacBlogz, we think Steve Jobs will hold up the new 3G iPhone on June 9th, in front of thousands of Apple die-hards and developers, and say…

“The new iPhone, Available World Wide… TODAY!”

This only makes sense seeing as how Apple has been lining up deals across the globe with upcoming iPhone carriers. Apple is definitely a secretive company, but this dizzying maze of information seems pegged.

We will be posting a complete updated World-Map of all current iPhone deals across the globe…Stay Tuned.

(Via MacBlogz.)

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Very Cool Wallpaper Calendars for June 2008

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: June 2008


Desktop wallpapers can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. However, if you use some specific wallpaper for a long period of time, it becomes harder to draw inspiration out of it. That’s why we have decided to supply you with smashing wallpapers over 12 months.

And to make them a little bit more distinctive from the usual crowd, we’ve decided to embed calendars for the upcoming month. So if you need to look up some date, isn’t it better to show off a nice wallpaper with a nice calendar instead of launching some default time application?

This post features 14 free desktop wallpapers, designed by 14 designers across the globe. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free.

(Via Smashing Magazine.)

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Cool iPod Dock

Focal iBoom HiFi iPod Dock


Focal from Japan announced its new iBoom HiFi iPod Dock that functions with a wide range of iPods, ranging from the obsolete mini to the touch. Japan is a pretty huge consumer of the iPod after all, so it makes sense for this to be released there in the first place. Other than playing back your favorite tunes, this iBoom iPod dock also doubles up as a charger when your iPod is docked within. Features include a couple of speakers, a single 3″ woofer and one tweeter. The Apple remote works just fine with this 2kg unit, and it won’t take up too much space in your tiny Tokyo apartment, measuring 300mm × 190mm × 240mm. Expect to fork out a pretty pricey $300 for this.

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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