Microsoft pulls bid for Yahoo!, Microhoo will never be

Microsoft pulls bid for Yahoo!, Microhoo will never be

D2412904-3ABE-40BA-91E5-2575DDBA496A.jpgWell, that’s that! Microsoft has officially pulled its bid for Yahoo! — inflated for good measure this weekend by another $5 billion — after the company did “not move toward accepting [the] offer”, asking again for even more, another $4 bil (totaling $9b more than the original offer). In a letter from Ballmer to Yang, he states that Microsoft also won’t be looking at its option for a hostile takeover, stating that Yahoo! likely “would take steps that would make [it] undesirable as an acquisition”; Ballmer then goes on to make a few backhanded criticisms of Yahoo’s possible new partnerships with Google (which is no surprise). Good night, Microhoo, the monstrous, hamstrung, lumbering mega-merger that might have been.

(Via Engadget.)


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