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iTunes movies cost Apple more $ than they charge…huh?

iTunes movies may actually be Apple TV loss leaders

A8DF257A-B2D7-4F69-97EA-52557D993A67.jpgApple is reportedly paying more for its same-day-as-DVD iTunes movie releases than it charges customers. Apple likely isn’t worried though, as it believes that a loss on each movie downloaded will translate to increased sales of Apple TVs and other hardware.

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r u a geek? check the chart!


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MacGyver Film In the Works? Why not MacGruber?

MacGyver Film In the Works?
7B291EFD-E6C7-482E-8333-A0021213AF43.jpgAn anonymous reader writes “Looks like everyone’s favorite Swiss Army knife-wielding action hero may be making an appearance on the big screen. The original series creator has announced plans are in the works for a MacGyver film. Serious questions abound: Will Richard Dean Anderson reprise the role? Will filming and editing somehow be done only using a paperclip, duct-tape, and TV remote?” And who, if not Anderson, would you want to play MacGyver?

(Via Slashdot.)

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Geek Gift! Chat Plates

Chat Plates


“Don’t talk with your mouth full” – maybe that’s what inspired Japanese designer Ikuko Nakazawa to come up with this nice set of porcelain plates.

Quirky and charming, these plates were designed to resemble conversation bubbles from manga, or Japanese comics.

This set of three plates features one large plate and two smaller plates and is perfect for serving small meals and snacks.

The Chat Plates are available from MoMA Store for $45.

(Via GeekAlerts.)

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