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.Mac push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0???

.Mac push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0?

21ED550A-7F1B-48E3-AF36-B9C9141DBD4C.jpg A certain, unnamed individual sent TUAW some pictures of the latest build of the iPhone firmware showing .Mac push e-mail. The picture shows the main Settings page with a new button: “Fetch new data.” When you click the button, you are taken to a list of your mail accounts, where you can choose between either “fetch” or “push.”

While .Mac is offering push e-mail, you are currently not able to do contact or calendar syncing.

(Via (TUAW).)


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Too Much Fun! Paint it Gold – Tag The Web

Paint it ALL Gold – Tag The Web

03897562-9D1C-419E-A7D9-0AEACDC53E17.jpgIt’s simple. Enter a URL into the GOLD BAR and you can tag any site on the web. After you’re finished, submit your design into the GALLERY where others can rate your masterpiece. What are you waiting for? Paint that gold.

*(Contains Profanity)* Enjoy!

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Free Episodes of 30 Rock and the Office on iPhone!

NBC Streaming Full Episodes of 30 Rock and the Office to iPhones (for Free, No Ads!) [IPhone]


Even though there’s no love lost between NBC and iTunes, that doesn’t mean NBC doesn’t love you! At least if you’ve got an iPhone or iPod touch. They’re streaming full episodes of 30 Rock and The Office to iPhones (and touches) in Quicktime, for free, with NO ads. They work, nicely, but the major catch is that if you exit Safari, you’ve gotta re-DL all over again, and the files are huge, so is this Wi-Fi only, really. This looks weird for NBC, but it’s really not.

They’re putting their shows out online in a million different ways (you can even download 30 Rock, The Office, Conan and Leno direct to your desktop now) and more than happy to pipe ’em to you, as long as it’s in a controlled sandbox of some sort. NBC Direct requires a walled-garden player install with loads of DRM, and they wanted copyright controls from Apple and Microsoft to give just two examples, not to mention Hulu. It’s sorta surprising that the Quicktime feed for iPhone is unprotected, but theoretically it’s restricted to two devices. You know, if they’d just relax a bit, overall, they’d be in a good place online.

(Via Gizmodo.)

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More “leaked” 3G iPhone pics!

More “leaked” 3G iPhone shots hit the web


For those that need to be in the know about the very latest supposedly-leaked 3G iPhone shots that hit the web this week, we’ve got you covered — but we’re not convinced, especially of the device on the right. The shots on the left do at least seem to be crafted around those supposed size and shape leaks we saw the other day though, so bonus points there for playing into another current rumor to rack up a small bit of credibility. Still, in our best Rick James voice, Photoshop’s a hell of a tool.

Read – Left four shots appear on Chinese phone forum
Read – Shot on the right from AppleInsider

(Via Engadget.)

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Steve Jobs – best beard in Silicon Valley? You Decide!

Steve Jobs leads online voting for best beard in Silicon Valley


There are an awful lot of Silicon Valley CEOs sporting beards these days. As Michael Copeland writes in the current issue of Fortune, “it takes more than leading-edge technology and a Stanford MBA to make it big in high tech. Apparently it takes whiskers.”

So the magazine organized a contest: The Silicon Valley Beard-off. It pulled together a spread of eight unshaven execs and invited a panel of three distinguished judges to choose the best beard of the bunch. You can see the results here.

You can also vote for your favorite among the four semi-finalists: Apple’s (AAPL) Steve Jobs, Flickr’s (YHOO) Stewart Butterfield, Pixar’s (DIS) Ed Catmull, and Oracle’s (ORCL) Larry Ellison. Click here.

The leader in early returns — with 53% of votes cast as of Wednesday morning — is Steve Jobs.

Vox populi is clearly at variance with Fortune’s judges. They didn’t vote Apple’s grizzled CEO past the first round, in which he edged out Steve Wozniak.

(Via FORTUNE: Apple 2.0.)

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Colbert says “Zune Ownership – Proof You’re Crazy!”

Colbert says Zune Ownership Proof You’re Crazy

227D40E8-17E0-4EE9-AD0A-E4CC40B47E6F.jpgOn last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen gave advice to George Bush on how to go “completely nutball” so Sen. McCain can distance himself from the extremely unpopular president on the campaign trail. Not only did he tell Bush to wear a tinfoil jockstrap, he said the prez should buy a Zune. Really? Sure it’s market share is 4%, but what about the new software?

(Via Gizmodo.)

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First Look: VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1

First Look: VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1

E2BDA8A1-57D8-432A-8F4E-D07644D1AD50.jpgThe ongoing competition between Parallels and VMware in the virtualization market continues with Tuesday’s release of the VMware Fusion 2.0 beta. Rob Griffiths takes the beta out for a test spin and tells you what to expect from the next version of Fusion.

Read More HERE.

(Via Macworld.)

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Iron Man – A Must See

8288A5D8-7140-49F6-A6B6-FB0DC553BA4F.jpgWent to Iron Man last night, four words:

Loved it, See it!

Robert Downey Jr. was great as Tony Stark / Iron man.
The rest of the cast was very good as well – Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow.

I would have to say it is the BEST super Hero movie I have seen, since Superman when I was nine.

Check out the web site for more info. HERE

I want that suit!!!!

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The Three Stooges on iTunes

Picture 1.pngNeed a laugh, check out the Stooges on iTunes.

1934-1936, Larry, Moe and Curly are back and ready for your downloading pleasure.

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