iPhone in stock, or out in UK??? *UPDATE*

iPhone stock update – from www.t3.com
New 16GB models on the way
We’ve just heard back from the bods at O2 with a fairly non-committal quote regarding the iPhone stock issues.
Simply enough they’ve said, “The 16GB iPhone was temporarily out of stock on our online store this morning. We are replenishing stock of the 16GB iPhone and customers wishing to purchase through our online store will be able to shortly.”
No mention of any more 8GB iPhones coming – so that’s a no then – and still no mention of the 3G blower we all want to see so much. Typical, but at least now we can go back to hoping it will arrive in June while realistically expecting it may turn up in time for Christmas. Probably. Perhaps. Then again…

(Via t3.)

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