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Facebar – Mozilla toolbar for FaceBook

Facebar 1.5.1 for Mac – Facebar – Mozilla toolbar for FaceBook.
546CA4D3-9E40-4563-8A41-DB3530D03521.jpgBesides sounding like a bad crash I had on my bike 20 years ago, facebar is a Firefox toolbar for Facebook. To change your settings for autologin, checking for updates, etc., click on the big Facebook button (left side of the toolbar), then Preferences. According to Softpedia, it is FREE and for Mac OS X.

(Via Softpedia .)


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Could Apple and NBC make up?

Could Apple, NBC be patching up differences?6681BA30-C7C3-40FA-AA8E-D7FCA5450BE4.jpg
Apple and NBC were embroiled in a feud last year over iTunes pricing. But signs point to a thaw in the frosty relations between the two companies, as NBC shows have appeared on the U.K. version of the iTunes Store.

(Via Macworld.)

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Up late on the internets? Get this cool alarm clock!

Clocky 9C71F84F-FBCD-4E78-925A-7EA03DAE0EEC.jpg
No more excuses for being late to work when your little friend Clocky is out there looking after you. Set the alarm and you’re sure to be woken as he beeps, jumps, then runs away and hides as you’re searching for the snooze button. Yes, he can be a bit annoying, but he certainly gets the job done.

Clocky is $57 and comes in Coco, Almond, Aqua and for an extra 10 bucks, Chrome!”

(get it here.)

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Amazing iPhone Wallpaper!

Amazing iPhone Wallpapers

Hey If you have an iPhone or an iTouch you know the how cool the design is. Thats why you bough it. What you need next is a really cool wallpaper to really show it off. Although you could use on of you kids, or friends, thats a bit boring. What you need is a well designed wallpaper to really show it off. Although there is hundreds of sites that offer iPhone “Wallpapers” these are really just resized images from other sources. What you need it a all paper designed for the screen size of an iPhone.

One of the best sites is Poolga. Its a random name but has some of the best wallpapers, ever. A lot better than the crud you get is you search through for sites in Google. Although the selection isn’t massive, they make it up in quality. I just wish some of the wallpapers with desktop size.



(Via Mac Tricks And Tips.)

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iPhone Firmware 2.0 suggest 3G?

Newsflash! Firmware 2.0 hints suggest Apple might be working on a 3G iPhone

You’ll never believe this, but it looks like Cupertino might be getting ready to drop a bomb this summer — a 3G bomb, in fact! The latest beta release of firmware 2.0 for the iPhone has apparently revealed a preference screen that allows users of the new model to disable the 3G radio and fall back to GPRS / EDGE because the faster service “decreases battery life.” Gotta pay to play, as they say. The ability to disable 3G service in favor of improved standby performance is a pretty common one in modern phones, so we’re not surprised to see it here — just a little disappointed that Apple hasn’t incorporated enough fairy dust to magically make the problem go away.

(Via Engadget.)

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