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Apple helps Pixar out with WALL•E

Apple helps Pixar out with WALL•E
DB8E0516-A5A1-476C-B70E-ADC16AA9AF6A.jpgI’m a big fan of almost everything Pixar does (Cars wasn’t their best effort, though it was enjoyable), so it is a happy day when a story that links Pixar to my favorite computer company comes along.

It would seem that the good folks at Pixar really wanted to play up the differences between the titular hero of Wall*E and a new robot that appears (Eve, pictured to the right). They wanted it to look very cool, and very high tech. Luckily for Pixar, they know a guy pretty high up in Apple who was able to get Jonathan Ive, Apple’s famed product designer, to help out with Eve’s look.

I wonder if Eve’s battery is user replaceable.

(Via (TUAW).)


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When should you buy an iPhone?

When should you buy an iPhone?


As iPhone channels continue to run dry, more and more readers have asked whether now would be a good time to buy an iPhone or not — assuming you could even find one. Our Mike Rose suggested that dry channels might indicate that Apple is trying to avoid that whole “if a new model appears within 15 days of purchase” nightmare. If he’s right, expect to see a flood of refurb units hit Apple and AT&T just after the new 3G unit is introduced.

The first generation iPhone is an absolutely fabulous device and there’s nothing to indicate that it won’t be 100% compatible with new firmware for a long time to come. Price cuts on previous generation units make them an especially good match to hacking and unlocking. You can be enjoying your new iPhone while waiting out the inevitable 3G price drop or the move to newer generation technology.

With Apple, there’s a distinct consumer advantage to buying about 6-months behind the trend. As a delayed adopter, you buy all the beauty of the new technology while getting that (plus all the software updates and fixes) at a slightly lower price.

(Via (TUAW).)

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Rumor Smashed: AT&T’s iPhone Black Reference Just Placeholder Text

Rumor Smashed: AT&T’s iPhone Black Reference Just Placeholder Text [Rumor Smashed]

<An AT&T spokesperson just told us that the 613EA126-5A12-4AD7-B7FE-C49D14EF8528.jpgiPhone Black dropdown reference on the AT&T Wireless website is just a temporary placeholder. The spokesperson says that it was used over the weekend for a “scheduled catalog update,” distinguishing the various iPhone models (4GB, 8GB and 16GB). Sorry dudes, the 3G iPhone is probably not called the iPhone Black. Unless of course the spokesperson was just covering AT&T’s butt, which could always be possible.

(Via Gizmodo.)

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Apple updates MacBook Pros

Apple updates MacBook Pro Range


Mention Apple these days and most people will think of the 3G iPhone. Hopefully this (welcome) distraction won’t make people miss the fact that the MacBook Pro range has just received a quiet update, with the inclusion of multi-touch trackpads and higher end models getting a processing speed bump. You can choose from a 15″ Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz processor up to a 17″ Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz processor, depending on your taste, along with a 300GB ATA 4200 rpm hard drive if your budget permits. Drooling for an upgrade already?

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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YouTube video software for Macs from Google

Google offers YouTube video software for Macs
E18F9E18-EEF2-431A-8898-A636E3210566.jpgGoogle has released basic software called Vidnik that lets Mac OS X users record video with a Webcam or built-in camera, trim its length, add tags and a title, then upload it to YouTube.

The software also can be used to upload other videos to the company’s video-sharing site, and other editing software can be used on the videos taken by Vidnik, David Phillip Oster of Google’s Mac team said in a blog posting.

The software is among a host of Mac applications the company has produced. (Another interesting one is Visigami, which lets people search for images on Flickr, Picasa, and Google Images and use the results as an animated screensaver.)

Google has an increasing stable of software that runs on people’s computers–Google Desktop is one good example–and is working on mobile phone applications, too, through its Android project. But don’t be confused by all this attention to what’s known as client software: the company’s higher priority is to make the Internet the application foundation of choice.”

(Via CNET News.com.)

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HBO shows on iTunes?

HBO shows coming to iTunes Store?
4C6DD16F-6A60-4F42-A29A-4945399EAA27.jpgApple is on the verge of selling movies and TV shows from HBO, according to Portfolio. The publication cites HBO employees “involved in executing the agreement,” who say that sales will be announced and launched at the same time, probably within one to two weeks. HBO is famous for a number of high-profile TV series, such as Deadwood, Flight of the Conchords and The Sopranos, as well as a number of first-run original films.
The sources on the deal claim that HBO’s parent company, Time Warner, has managed to arrange for better terms than other networks, which have typically had their episodes sold for $1.99 apiece on the US iTunes Store. It is suggested that HBO programming may cost more, or that the network will take home a larger percentage of the profit on the current rate.

In any case the deal is expected to be mutually beneficial, as Apple wants to increase the adoption of its Apple TV set-top, and HBO wants to increase the revenue generated from its archives, even though it already sells box sets on DVD.

If Apple does agree to varied pricing, it may mark the formation of a trend at the company. Last week the UK iTunes Store began selling NBC/Universal programming at varied rates, something Apple has traditionally resisted, despite intense pressure from NBC that ultimately resulted in the network’s shows being pulled from iTunes US.

(Via MacNN.)

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AT&T showing “iPhone Black” – What up?

AT&T now showing “iPhone Black” model in device listingPicture 1.png
AT&T Wireless, Apple’s exclusive iPhone provider in the United States, is now listing a second model of the iPhone in its device database called “iPhone Black,” AppleInsider has been informed.

The finding, discovered by a reader on Sunday and confirmed by AppleInsider on Monday, is interesting if nothing else in that it may add a bit of support to ongoing rumors that Apple’s second-generation 3G iPhone would sport a black plastic shell as opposed to an aluminum one.

The option to select an “iPhone Black” model is visible alongside the traditional “iPhone” for existing AT&T Wireless customers who are logged into their account on the carrier’s website, and who choose to select or update their handset model.

(Via AppleInsider.)

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Turn it up! iTunesVolume

59BC72C6-2730-4B9D-B020-A6DDCFED9710.jpgThere are a ton of Mac volume controllers out there. CoverSutra is one of the best that we have seen, however, if simplistic and free is what you like, then why not try iTunesVolume. Just as the name implies, you are able to control the volume of the iTunes application with this small app.

iTunesVolume definitely takes the Steve Jobs “one button is good enough for everything” approach. The slider controls everything — you can move it to control volume in iTunes or hold the button down to get a pop-up menu with extra options.

(Via (TUAW).)

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