Rumor du Jour! The Next iPhone to Be Black Plastic?

Rumor Machine: The Next iPhone to Be Black Plastic?

F50D0CF1-CBD8-4240-8A90-03D78B81D810.jpgThis June will mark the one-year anniversary of the original release of the iPhone (though it was announced several months prior). Many Apple fans are chattering that this June’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco will be the time and place to announce a “3G” version of the iPhone, with a new sleek black-colored plastic design.

Among the additional claims: GPS built-in, 3G capability (which can be turned off), slightly thicker form-factor, and better signal strength (as a result of the plastic case, replacing the current model’s metal backing).

Some rumormongers even claim that such a device will appear as early as in the next week or so (due to recent rumored shortages of the current iPhone). It’s normal for product in the sales channels to be nearly or completely depleted before the unveiling of a new replacement model, and can sometimes (but not always) be an indicator of something new on the way. This may also be part of Apple’s plan to have a new model on-hand for developers on or before the conference, as the conference takes a strong turn in the direction of the iPhone this year.

The more conservative rumors peg the iPhone to be released in the same form factor, but with more capacity (32 GB, possibly 64 GB) and possibly a cheaper price tag, sometime this summer.

(Via The Apple Blog.)


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