AppleCare? No AppleCare?

AppleCare. What is it Good For?


In Consumer Reports’ June issue, that hit stands May 6th, a study was conducted on product reliability by the Consumer Reports National Research Center in which they sampled subscribers’ experience with 10,000 desktop and laptop computers. Products tested spanned all brands and specs of the industry. But when it came to technical support, including ability to solve problems, wait time on the phone, and the knowledge and support of staff, Apple’s Mac team came in strong receiving high scores accross the board from their laptops to desktops. In the study, Apple’s technical support was able to solve consumers problems 80% of the time, compared with the overall industry’s 60% success rate. (Some of the “not so successful” companies in the survey include HP and Compaq…Are you suprised?)

As any Mac user will know, all Apple computers come with 90-day complimentary phone support, a 1-year limited warranty, and the offer of additional Applecare (at a purchase price of $169 for an iMac, to $349 for a Macbook Pro). Before the purchase of my first Mac, the idea of “Applecare” was foreign to me. I didn’t understand why Apply would require it’s consumers to purchase the right to speak to their “techies” over the phone. But after witnessing my first “Apple Crisis” and the outstanding support and options provided to Applecare holders….I was sold. And now clearly, the public should be sold to. When investing in a computer we should give it every chance to succeed. By purchasing an Apple, you are choosing the best. And now, with Applecare’s award winning support standing out from it’s peers, we can now receive the best help out there. Even if it’s just calling Apple to say hello and “thanks”, it has been proven to be worth the extra bucks.

Read the full article here.

(Via MacBlogz.)


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