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Free “Web 2” Icons

Fast Icon Releases “Web 2” Free Icons

The Fast Icon has released "BACEC421-25B1-4E1F-90DD-911FC54A764C.jpgWeb 2 Icons", a collection of 23 freeware icons.

This icon set, designed in iPhone-like style, includes icons for Blinklist, BlogMarks, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, FaceBook, Favorite, Feeds, FeedBurner, Flickr, Furl, Google Magnolia, Misterwong, Myspace, Newsvine, Netvibes, Reddit, Simpy, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Twitter and Youtube.

Web 2 Icons is available for download as standard Mac or Windows icons as well as a handy PNG files for Linux, web or blogs at Fasticon.com.

All icons are sized from 512X512 to 16X16 pixels. A great and useful stuff for blogs.

(Via MacMegasite.)


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No Napster for you….Safari

Picture 1.png

If you want to try out the new and improved Napster, make sure you are using Firefox.

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Logitech Bluetooth enabled speaker system

Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile


Logitech’s Pure-Fi Mobile is a Bluetooth enabled speaker system that wirelessly plays audio from any compatible A2DP device which makes for a perfect and portable stereo you can bring anywhere. The Pure-Fi runs for about 12 hours on its rechargeable batteries and also acts as a wireless speakerphone with dedicated answer and end call buttons. Link: $150

(Via acquire.)

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Airlines want Apple iPod music/video integration – I do to!

Airlines queue up to offer Apple iPod music and video integration
Airlines are queuing up to offer passengers the ability to play music and video content from their own Apple iPod players over Panasonic Avionics’ latest installed in-flight entertainment systems,” Mary Kirby reports for Flight International.

“Singapore Airlines last week started supplying iPod and iPhone connectivity on the first of five newly reconfigured all-business Airbus A340-500s. United Airlines is expected to soon offer this feature in the premium cabins of its international widebody fleet,” Kirby reports.

“Panasonic appears well-positioned to capture even more business. It claims to have the only IFE solution that can natively support Apple’s authentication technology,” Kirby reports.”

Read Full Article HERE

(Via macdailynews.)

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Pizza and Tech, my two favorite things!

Click, order, eat!
Picture 3.pngUsing Adobe AIR, you can order a pie right from your desktop.

Who has time to use a web browser now days?
Works on PC and Mac.

Very cool “geeky” idea, well played Pizza Hut,well played….

Pizza Hut Shortcut <–Here

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iPhone 3G Launch Date Confirmed

iPhone 3G Launch Date Confirmed

iphone1-182x300.jpgWe all suspected it, but now it is confirmed: sources close to the 3G iPhone launch have told Gizmodo that Apple will announce their new model at the WWDC Keynote on June 9th. The second-generation iPhone will be available worldwide right after the launch, and not at year’s end, as previously thought. The new model will also herald new sales policies in some countries.

In Spain, for example, the 3G iPhone will be available for sale at the June 18th grand opening of Telefonica’s megastore—an Apple Store-like shop located in the company’s historical building in Madrid’s Gran Vía— with nationwide availability right the next day or after a few hours. The other European countries with iPhone availability will have similar launch schedules.

According to the same reliable sources, the 3G iPhone will no longer be available at a fixed price point—at least in some countries, and its launch will also bring new sales policies, although these have not been completely specified yet.

The move is a logical step, since the iPhone has clearly solidified its position as the cellphone to beat during last twelve months, and companies in the cutthroat European cellphone market need to use it as an incentive to capture clients aggressively.

This most probably means the new 3G iPhone will be integrated in the usual marketing systems of carriers, with point-based trade-ups, discounts for carrier switchers, and other service-based subvention packages.

(Via Gizmodo.)

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Napster challenges iTunes with new MP3 store

Napster rolls out MP3 store in challenge to iTunes
Napster Inc., the digital music service, on Tuesday opened the world’s biggest MP3 download store with more than 6 million songs in a direct challenge to Apple Inc’s iTunes store.

The new Web-based music store will have digital songs from all major music labels as well as thousands of independent labels. The MP3-format songs will be compatible with the vast majority of digital media devices and mobile phones including Apple’s popular iPod as well as its iPhone.

Before now Napster has focused on selling all-you-can-eat monthly streaming music subscription packages but has struggled to win over the majority of fans who want to be able to transfer songs they like on to a portable device such as the market-leading iPod.

The new Napster service tries to take on Apple’s dominance in digital music by offering fans more songs without copy protection or digital rights management (DRM). Most of the six million songs on the iTunes Music store are available with Fairplay DRM, which prevents the songs from being played on most portable players other than the iPod.

Major labels in particular had previously been reluctant to allow online retailers to sell their songs without protection as a way to avoid piracy. As the industry outlook gets tougher more executives are willing to experiment or take a risk.

“We’re now moving from under the DRM cloud,” said Chris Gorog, Napster chief executive. “Now consumers can use Napster with any device,” he added.

Most songs on the service will be available for 99 cents each and $9.95 an album.

Though Napster will be hoping to take on iTunes it will try to do so by being compatible with Apple’s service. According to executives, MP3 songs bought on the Napster Web-based service will be automatically synched into a user’s existing iTunes music library if they use that library.

Read Full Article HERE

(Via Reuters: Technology News.)

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Netflix to Sell a Device for Instantly Watching Movies!

Netflix to Sell a Device for Instantly Watching Movies on TV Sets
D6E06F01-FB74-4264-ABED-6E2A80A3044B.jpgNetflix, which pioneered the business of offering DVD movie rentals by mail, is now offering its 8.2 million subscribers an option to watch movies easily on their televisions without involving the post office.

Netflix owns a stake in the company Roku, which makes a $99 paperback-size box for viewing films on television.
Working with a small Silicon Valley company, Netflix will begin marketing a $99 device on Tuesday that will allow customers to play thousands of movies and shows on their televisions instantly, for no charge beyond their normal subscription fee.

The size of a paperback book, the set-top box is made by Roku, a Saratoga, Calif., start-up known for its Internet music players. Netflix, based in nearby Los Gatos, owns a small stake in the company.

The device’s $99 price — less than half of the cost of an Apple TV — will most likely jolt the emerging market for equipment that brings Internet video to TVs.

But Roku still faces many of the hurdles that have stunted the appeal of previous boxes, including a limited selection of programming and competition from ever-more-sophisticated offerings from cable and satellite companies. In addition, larger companies, including Hewlett-Packard, are expected to offer their own devices in the near future.

Read Full Article HERE.

(Via NYT > Technology.)

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