Laptop Cooler for Mac

Moshi Zefyr Laptop Cooler for Macs


The Moshi Zefyr Laptop CoolerF16348C1-DB70-4E42-8C81-D84A9D1A38AC.jpg is different from the rest as this one caters for MacBooks as well as the MacBook Air specifically. The company has taken the pains to study just which are the exact parts where Apple laptops dissipate heat, placing high-thermal conduction compounds in those areas in order to pull heat away effectively from the hot zone onto the Zefyr’s aluminum heat sink, with a USB-powered fan helping it cool down. Some of the features include :-

  • 100% cast aluminum heat sink assembly
  • Collapsible design for enhanced portability
  • Conductive heat dissipation through compressive TIC cooling pad
  • Slightly elevated angle for better ergonomics

(Via Ubergizmo.)


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