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Download Videos From YouTube To Your iPod, iPhone Or Apple TV with Tooble

Tooble – Download Videos From YouTube To Your iPod, iPhone Or Apple TV | Cool OSX Apps30461702-F5C9-4650-8B34-7AB5B97180A7.jpg

Tooble 0107 is a free application for OS X, that lets you browse, search and download any video from YouTube and put it on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV or save them directly to your Mac. It converts YouTube videos to MP4 format and then sends them to iTunes, so that the next time you plug in your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV they are there for you to enjoy.

Tooble includes supports both Tiger and Leopard. You can also download a version for Windows (Windows NT, Windows XP or Vista).


Better International Support

Faster Downloads

YouTube Categories Support

Many Bug Fixes

Much More

Download HERE

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World Clock Screen Saver

World Clock Screen Saver

I just downloaded it and it is very cool!

I like good screen savers. They really give you computer that edge when you run them, especially against some of the rubbish Windows screen savers you can find. This post will be about one cool screen saver that I found this morning which I want to share with you. If you didn’t guess by the title it is called World Clock and can be found here.


The basic idea behind the screen saver is the coloured text (which you can change) changes depending on the time. As time passes the different words are reflected to the current time. In the screen shot above it is Sunday the 25th of May, 5:02pm and 26 seconds. One second later the colour of the text will change so it shows 27 seconds.

Its a very simple screen saver and is not designed to really flashy, or CPU intensive. If you have a CRT monitor or a Plasma TV you may not want to use this screen saver as it will probably burn in, thats never good. Its really customizable through the options so you suit it to your own personal style.

(Via Mac Tricks And Tips.)

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Apple buys handwriting code for iPhone???

DC169969-CC60-446D-BCDD-FC05DEAA671B.jpgA Chinese third-party developer claims that Apple has bought his software for recognizing handwritten input on the iPhone. Screenshots of an iPhone OS 2.0 build incorporating handwriting technolgy as a method for entering Chinese characters surfaced a few weeks ago, but it now appears that Apple may have acquired this function rather than developed it in-house.

The developer is currently unwilling to discuss his work, citing a non-disclosure agreement with Apple, and has sent requests for removal to forums publishing screenshots of his previously freely available third-party application.

Dubbed “HWPen,” the third-party handwriting recognition application was developed by Hanwang.com.cn to allow Chinese character input on the iPhone, but the program works equally well with English input. Apple has reportedly stripped English character input from the tool, sieving for only Chinese character recognition for iPhone OS 2.0.

Oddly, HWPen is still available as a third-party application for jailbroken iPhones. In order to install the software, follow our guide for enabling third-party apps on the iPhone, then use Installer.app to add the source: iphonecake.com/src/all

To add a source (as also described in our guide), tap “Sources,” button, then tap “Edit” in the upper-right corner, and finally “Add” in the upper-left corner. Enter the URL of the source you would like to add and press “OK.” Installer.app will add the source, and you will be able to find the new application(s) in the normal “Install” menu.

(Via iphoneatlas .)

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More “leaked” 3G iPhone photos!

Even more “leaked” 3G iPhone photos make it out

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Either Apple’s getting leakier or the fakers are getting fake…ier, but the latest round of supposed 3G iPhone pictures is upon us courtesy of Dutch site iPhoneclub.nl and our old friend Mr. Blurrycam, and they’re pretty convincing. You’ll notice that they show a device almost identical to the one in the last set of images we saw, with a white back and three dots inside the earpiece. Of course, that’s not to say some aspiring Photoshoppers haven’t just been copying each other, but we’re not here to kill your dreams, people. You’ll just have to trust your friends for that. Hit the read link for the rest of the pics.

Read | 

(Via Engadget.)

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Tip: Sharpen Your Digital Photos with the Unsharp Mask

Photography Tip: Sharpen Your Digital Photos with the Unsharp Mask495F632B-6F89-41E9-AED0-0F1D86A3E06D.jpg

A great Tip from lifehacker!

Photography web site Photojojo details how to get crisp, beautiful prints from your digital photos with Photoshop’s Unsharp Mask. What’s the point of sharpening, you ask?

Digital cameras have a fixed grid of pixels, each of which can only capture one color or shade at a time. Say you take a picture that has a sharp edge between black and white… The single pixel that records that hairline edge can only record one color, so it renders it as gray. What we think of as sharpness is actually the contrast we see between different colors. A quick transition from black to white looks sharp. A gradual transition from black to gray to white looks blurry.
A little time with the Unsharp Mask, though, and you can lose the blur along the edge of color transitions and bring more sharpness and fidelity to your photos, and Photojojo’s guide is an excellent starting point”

(Via lifehacker .)

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Very Cool “GEEK” slide show – Jobs, Gates, Woz

From the Science Channel <—–Click There

Picture 4.png
Photo Credit: Associated Press

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iCoffee Table – I want one!

iCoffee Table


Wired.com’s Italian correspondent, Nicole Martinelli, spotted this iCoffee table last week in the lobby of Milan’s Nhow design hotel.

(Via Cult of Mac.)

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Apple /// Resource…interesting!

The Apple /// Resource

6F17E7CD-A296-44C9-BAEB-BB7C13359216.jpgAre you a vintage Apple hardware nerd? I am. If so, you’ve probably got a basement full of beige boxes in various states of repair. I call mine “The Mac Museum.” My wife calls it “Bring one more ancient computer into this house and you’ll be living in the tool shed.” Ah, marriage.

While my collection is limited to Macs, several of you have got some Apples lying around. Apple /// buffs will want to check out The Apple /// Resource. There you’ll find just about everything you’ll want for the ///, including software, manuals, even emulators (including Apple /// rom).

It’s like Christmas morning for geeks like us! Dig around, see what you find and have some fun with your vintage Apple.

(Via (TUAW).)

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Weatherproof Submersible Wireless Speaker

Weatherproof Submersible Wireless Speaker


Fancy a speaker that is able to rough it out with you by the poolside? After all, this Weatherproof Submersible Wireless Speaker goes against the grain by being friendly with water, complying with International Weather Proofing Standards. This means you can bring it with you when you’re chilling out at the deep end of your pool for those precious Zen moments, thanks to its ability to remain submerged up to 9 feet for half an hour without suffering from any adverse performance. The entire set will retail for $149.99, while additional wireless speakers go for $99.99 a pop.

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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Mac OS X 10.5.3 coming soon….

Report: Mac OS X 10.5.3 due ‘very soon’
D8089E81-7DF8-4B5D-A4BA-3EFE0DEDA76D.jpgThe long awaited major bug fix update to Mac OS X Leopard, 10.5.3, will be released very soon. The latest test build, 9D34, has only one new fix and no known bugs,” Danny Gorog reports for APC Magazine.

“According to numerous reports, the next update to Leopard, 10.5.3 could be released very soon. The latest build, 9D34, released late last week has one new fix and no known issues left, according to developers familiar with the release. Apple have been working on the update sine the release of 10.5.2 in February,” Gorog reports.

“With only 2 weeks left to WWDC, and a shrinking number of issues left to address, chances are high that Apple will make the 10.5.3 release available very soon. If the 10.5.2 update is any comparison, expect 10.5.3 to weigh in at over 300MB and be available,” Gorog reports.

(Via MacDailyNews.)

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