Apple /// Resource…interesting!

The Apple /// Resource

6F17E7CD-A296-44C9-BAEB-BB7C13359216.jpgAre you a vintage Apple hardware nerd? I am. If so, you’ve probably got a basement full of beige boxes in various states of repair. I call mine “The Mac Museum.” My wife calls it “Bring one more ancient computer into this house and you’ll be living in the tool shed.” Ah, marriage.

While my collection is limited to Macs, several of you have got some Apples lying around. Apple /// buffs will want to check out The Apple /// Resource. There you’ll find just about everything you’ll want for the ///, including software, manuals, even emulators (including Apple /// rom).

It’s like Christmas morning for geeks like us! Dig around, see what you find and have some fun with your vintage Apple.

(Via (TUAW).)

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