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Apple /// Resource…interesting!

The Apple /// Resource

6F17E7CD-A296-44C9-BAEB-BB7C13359216.jpgAre you a vintage Apple hardware nerd? I am. If so, you’ve probably got a basement full of beige boxes in various states of repair. I call mine “The Mac Museum.” My wife calls it “Bring one more ancient computer into this house and you’ll be living in the tool shed.” Ah, marriage.

While my collection is limited to Macs, several of you have got some Apples lying around. Apple /// buffs will want to check out The Apple /// Resource. There you’ll find just about everything you’ll want for the ///, including software, manuals, even emulators (including Apple /// rom).

It’s like Christmas morning for geeks like us! Dig around, see what you find and have some fun with your vintage Apple.

(Via (TUAW).)


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Weatherproof Submersible Wireless Speaker

Weatherproof Submersible Wireless Speaker


Fancy a speaker that is able to rough it out with you by the poolside? After all, this Weatherproof Submersible Wireless Speaker goes against the grain by being friendly with water, complying with International Weather Proofing Standards. This means you can bring it with you when you’re chilling out at the deep end of your pool for those precious Zen moments, thanks to its ability to remain submerged up to 9 feet for half an hour without suffering from any adverse performance. The entire set will retail for $149.99, while additional wireless speakers go for $99.99 a pop.

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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Mac OS X 10.5.3 coming soon….

Report: Mac OS X 10.5.3 due ‘very soon’
D8089E81-7DF8-4B5D-A4BA-3EFE0DEDA76D.jpgThe long awaited major bug fix update to Mac OS X Leopard, 10.5.3, will be released very soon. The latest test build, 9D34, has only one new fix and no known bugs,” Danny Gorog reports for APC Magazine.

“According to numerous reports, the next update to Leopard, 10.5.3 could be released very soon. The latest build, 9D34, released late last week has one new fix and no known issues left, according to developers familiar with the release. Apple have been working on the update sine the release of 10.5.2 in February,” Gorog reports.

“With only 2 weeks left to WWDC, and a shrinking number of issues left to address, chances are high that Apple will make the 10.5.3 release available very soon. If the 10.5.2 update is any comparison, expect 10.5.3 to weigh in at over 300MB and be available,” Gorog reports.

(Via MacDailyNews.)

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Three colours for 3G iPhone?

Three colours for 3G iPhone?

 46933116-48A4-45F1-A122-2E6D492F517E.jpgThe latest unconfirmed iPhone rumour is upon us, and it once again claims the next-generation device will be available in three colours, well, that, or it confirms there’s a lot of rabid iPhone fans prepared to spend a little time creating Photoshop fakes of potential Apple ads…

We’re not sure how much weight to give this latest rumour, which we’re publishing here because rumour’s like this seem set to keep the iPhone world turning as we inch our way toward June 9.

iPhone Hellas reports (this link seems non-functional) the next-gen device will be slimmer than its predecessor, and available in three colours; white, black and (erm) red..

There have been continued mumblings that iPhone may be made available in multiple different models. Whether we’re going to see them all appear next month is open to question. These rumours got a shot in the arm last month when Piper Jaffray said: "We continue to expect Apple to offer a family of iPhones (2-3 separate models) in the first half of 2009, including lower priced ($200-$300) models. Just as the company slowly diversified the iPod lineup and entered lower price points with every new version of the iPod, we expect Apple to launch new models of the iPhone at lower price points in CY09. This expectation, along with the expectation for lower price points, and world wide availability of the phone, is critical to our CY09 iPhone estimate of 45m units.”


(Via 9 to 5 Mac.)

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Kindle Price Reduced – $359

Amazon Kindle Price Reduced to $359, Now Back In Stock [Kindle]

D616B07A-4A3D-43B4-BB52-372B1BB90416.jpgThe Kindle is back in stock and it’s now available for a reduced price, dropping from $399 to $359. Maybe that will help Amazon to achieve those crazy $750 million in sales by 2010. Amazon

(Via Gizmodo.)

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DirecTV Sat-Go – Portable satellite TV system

DirecTV Sat-Go – world’s first portable satellite TV system


Well judging by the happy smiles on these campers, this new DirecTV Sat-Go portable satellite television system is jolly awesome. We’re talking integral antenna, receiver and television screen all crammed into one itsy, bitsy box. All you need is a tailgate and a small pile of $999.00 worth of green stuff.

(Via The Red Ferret Journal.)

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Geek Notepad!

Notepad Icon Notepad


Well this one doesn’t need much explaining, it’s a simple paper notepad designed to look like a notepad icon. Perfect for those 5 or 6 item to-do lists. It was designed by Atypyk Paris and is available from the Design Museum Shop for about $10.

(Via OhGizmo!.)

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