World Clock Screen Saver

World Clock Screen Saver

I just downloaded it and it is very cool!

I like good screen savers. They really give you computer that edge when you run them, especially against some of the rubbish Windows screen savers you can find. This post will be about one cool screen saver that I found this morning which I want to share with you. If you didn’t guess by the title it is called World Clock and can be found here.


The basic idea behind the screen saver is the coloured text (which you can change) changes depending on the time. As time passes the different words are reflected to the current time. In the screen shot above it is Sunday the 25th of May, 5:02pm and 26 seconds. One second later the colour of the text will change so it shows 27 seconds.

Its a very simple screen saver and is not designed to really flashy, or CPU intensive. If you have a CRT monitor or a Plasma TV you may not want to use this screen saver as it will probably burn in, thats never good. Its really customizable through the options so you suit it to your own personal style.

(Via Mac Tricks And Tips.)


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