New 3G iPhone already here!!!!! Get yours June 9th

New 3G iPhone already here ! Steve Jobs to announce IMMEDIATE WORLDWIDE availablity at WWDC.

Forbes today reports that the new 3G iPhone is already here and that Apple has been quietly positioning units around the world.

5545D1D2-5E6D-43D6-90F6-8BD474261766.jpgApple has been quietly positioning millions of units of a mysterious new product–almost certainly the new iPhone–in key markets since March. And yet, incredibly, not one credible image of Apple’s new product has yet been published.” Brian Caufield reports.

“If the new phone is a flop, it’s going to be a doozy. Apple is promising to sell 10 million of the gizmos this year; many investors are betting the Cupertino, Calif., company will sell many more than that. Yet Jobs has managed to keep the look, the feel and a complete list of the phone’s features under wraps.”

Here at MacBlogz, we think Steve Jobs will hold up the new 3G iPhone on June 9th, in front of thousands of Apple die-hards and developers, and say…

“The new iPhone, Available World Wide… TODAY!”

This only makes sense seeing as how Apple has been lining up deals across the globe with upcoming iPhone carriers. Apple is definitely a secretive company, but this dizzying maze of information seems pegged.

We will be posting a complete updated World-Map of all current iPhone deals across the globe…Stay Tuned.

(Via MacBlogz.)


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