iMacs in Vegas Fontainebleau!

Apple and Fontainebleau hook up; iMacs in Vegas

475A9208-A329-4249-950E-1757B8C33BFD.jpgFontainebleau is taking glam to the next level and they are bringing Apple along for the ride. It’s true, Fontainebleau and Apple have hooked up. The glamorous hotel will have an iMac installed in every one of the 3,889 rooms and suites.

Where is this all taken place? Las Vegas, It’s obvious that Fontainebleau planning to score big. Fontainebleau is promising to be one of the most innovative and designed oriented resorts on the strip when it opens. Innovate and design oriented? Hmm… that sounds like Apple.

When you log onto the Fontainebleau and check out the Las Vegas brochure it states,


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