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CBS And Yahoo partnership

CBS And Yahoo To Announce Partnership Tomorrow Morning


We’ve got confirmation that CBS is going to announce an important partnership with Yahoo tomorrow morning.

While we don’t yet know exactly what it will entail, we are confident that Yahoo will be joining the CBS Audience Network, which distributes CBS content to destinations such as YouTube, AOL, MSN, Joost, Veoh, Fancast, Bebo, and TVGuide. See a longer list of partners here.

The CBS Audience Network launched in August 2007 and streams 70,000+ videos to over 300 partners. More than 190 million streams have been delivered since launch, the most popular of which are highlighted on the network’s own destination site.

Videos are generally delivered with pre-roll advertisements, and revenue is split between CBS and the partner websites. In addition to syndicating to other sites (but, notably, not Hulu), CBS offers video content through its main site and iTunes. The company recently began testing high definition streaming as well.

Yahoo TV already provides content from NBC and FOX (via Hulu), making the addition of CBS a trio of sorts. We hear CBS will cite the inclusion of Yahoo in its network as providing it with an unprecedented 92% US online reach. It also appears that CBS’s collection will be the single largest content contribution to Yahoo TV.

While YouTube joined the CBS Audience Network quite a long time ago, it only offers short clips without any pre-roll advertising. Therefore, it lacks the full-length content found elsewhere in the network, and presumably starting on Yahoo tomorrow. With all the activity on the web surrounding the monetization of full-length content, and the recent departure of its head of monetization, one wonders whether YouTube should start taking long format, professional content more seriously. Or start to lose a bit of its luster to competitors like Yahoo.

(Via TechCrunch.)


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56 Types of Geeks (Pic)

56 Types of GeeksDEDA852E-745C-4A5D-945A-B7E88BD60CCB.jpg

Via Flickr

Here’s me:
Picture 11.png

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Starbucks offers two hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi a day

Starbucks to offer two hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi a day

If you don’t drink coffee and you’re looking for an excuse to visit Starbucks, here it is. Starbucks will begin offering two hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi a day, all to redeem the loyalty of their lost customers (as well as welcome some new ones in).

The only thing that customers need to do in order to avail of the free service is purchase a minimum $5 reloadable Starbucks Card, which they will use to register online for the Starbucks Rewards Card program. This card should be used at least once a month to be eligible for the two consecutive hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi.


A voucher for a free drink will be offered to new members of the reward program as additional incentive, if the free Internet access is not enough.

Originally, Starbucks worked with T-Mobile for Wi-Fi but the service is being phased out in 2008. Again, you don’t need to be a coffee buff to use this service, you just need to purchase and register online for the Starbucks Rewards Card program and you’ll be good to go.

Now it would have been better if maybe a whole town or city block could just provide free Wi-Fi access, but hey, at least they’re offering something. And that’s a start. They could make it even better by installing public access PCs so that people who don’t have their own portable computers can also have a chance to hit the Intewebs, I think.

Read USA Today

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Monday – Third-party iPhone applications arrive!

Third-party iPhone applications to arrive Monday

67CE4F91-663E-41A2-B82A-DC9073D58BAC.jpgApple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the App Store in March, and third-party applications delivered through the store should arrive Monday.

(Credit: Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks)

The era of officially sanctioned iPhone applications should kick off on Monday.

That’s the same day Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to take the stage at the Moscone Center to unveil the next-generation iPhone at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference. A source at a software company that has been working on a native iPhone application tells us the company is getting ready to launch that application on Monday, which could also imply that Apple’s App Store will be up and running that day.

The App Store is going to be the only way to get official third-party iPhone applications onto your device. Developers have been submitting their applications to Apple for testing and verification since the iPhone SDK became available, and in exchange for hosting and distributing the applications Apple is taking 30 percent of the revenue generated by sales of that application.

Gizmodo has reported that the newest iPhone–which is expected to connect to 3G cellular networks–will be immediately available on Monday. Based on this latest information, the iPhone 2.0 software–which enables the delivery of official applications through the App Store as well as several other business-friendly features–should also be available for download on Monday.

That software is supposed to work with both the current version of the iPhone and the widely expected 3G version that should make its debut this month, so you won’t have to buy a new iPhone to start using iPhone applications.

But you might want to buy a new one if you get lost on a regular basis. The same source was able to confirm reports from earlier this week from GigaOm and Wired that the newest iPhone will have support for GPS technology, enabling the iPhone to get a precise fix on your location. The combination of GPS and faster networking speeds should allow for a whole range of location-aware applications to proliferate on the iPhone, as they have on other competing phones.

(Via CNET News.com.)

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Apple, Pourquoi Pas Paris?

Apple confirms Apple Expo Paris pullout


Apple has made it official that it will not attend September’s Apple Expo in Paris via a statement published by the French-language Mac Plus,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Year after year, Apple reduces its participation in trade shows because there often exists better means of getting in contact with our clients,’ the company said. ‘The growing popularity of the apple.com website permits us to directly touch over 100 million clients around the world in innovative ways,'” Oliver reports.

“The statement confirms a report published Monday by French Mac news site Mac Generation, which noted that original plans for conference called for Apple to occupy the two largest floor exhibits,” Oliver reports. “In recent days, however, all mention of the electronics maker was removed from the floor plan.

(Via macdailynews )

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twitter aGEEKspot! oooOO that tickles!


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Cool iHome speaker iPod docks

iHome launches the iH69 and iH70 computer speaker iPod docks


Just when you thought iPod docks couldn’t get any cooler — bam! — along comes iHome with the “world’s first” computer speakers for an iPod. Yes, we also started to pound out an uncontrollable rhythm on the snooze button the first time we heard about these, but don’t forget that the iH69 and iH70 allow you to dock, charge and jam out to your iPod without adding any extra fuss to your decked out computer audio superstation. The dock / speakers are available for pre-order at $99.99 and $129.99, respectively, and will be on store shelves “soon” — which we assume will be sometime this month.

(Via Engadget.)

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