Monopoly in iTunes Store

iPodNN | Monopoly reaches iTunes Store69BCC3DF-9962-4DA5-BF25-2589A0196FAC.jpg
The latest game on the iTunes Store is Electronic Arts’ adaptation of the classic boardgame Monopoly, Apple has announced. As with the original game, players buy, trade and sell real estate in order to push their fellow players out of the market. The latest digital form makes this more appealing to the senses, with music, sound effects and animated player pieces.
Users can play with up to four other people by swapping control, or solo against AI opponents under easy, medium and hard settings. To fit the many different styles of home play, rules can be customized to a player’s preferences. The game costs $5, and requires an iPod classic, a fifth-gen iPod, or a third-gen iPod nano.”

(Via ipodnn )


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