Perfect gift for Dad! Find Your Remote With A Whistle

Find Your Remote With A Whistle


Somebody needs to do a study on television remotes. Somehow, remotes have the ability to lose themselves, and if we could figure out how they do it, teleportation would be just a step away. Alas, I fear that science is not yet ready to understand how remotes get to where they get to, so we have no alternative but to keep on searching for them, which is where the Remote Control Finder comes in. Stick one of these things onto your remote, and whenever you can’t find it, just whistle, and it’ll start flashing and beeping.

There’s a catch, of course… You have to use a special whistle. A very small special whistle. An eminently losable special whistle. So I guess you’ll have to stick one of the finder things on it so that you can figure out where it is. But wait, you say, I need a special whistle to find the special whistle! Of course you do. That’s why you buy two of them, and just use one to find the other. OR, here’s another solution: duct tape your remote control to your dog… Then, not only will you not need the stupid special whistle, but the remote will actually come to you. Assuming your dog doesn’t have better things to do, anyway.

(Via OhGizmo!.)


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