S t r e t c h e d display monitors from LG

LG intros M3800S-BN / M2900S-BN stretched display monitors in UKE6A7BE54-7F57-4414-9E33-3C5FA5B07A87.jpg

Though not the first stretched display we’ve seen per se, LG is taking widescreen to an entirely new plateau with its latest duo of monitors. Launched today in the UK, the 38-inch M3800S-BN and 29-inch M2900S-BN feature oddball resolutions like 1,366 x 398 and 1,366 x 480 (respectively) along with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 9-millisecond response time and a VGA input. Obviously geared for digital signage applications, both units can display imagery horizontally or vertically, and while price points weren’t disclosed, we’ll go ahead and assume that they’ll be pegged for purchase on those business-centric credit cards (if you catch our drift).

(Via Engadget.)