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Mac OS X 10.5.4 to be released soon; fixes Adobe CS3 file corruption

Mac OS X 10.5.4 to be released soon; fixes Adobe CS3 file corruption

5008DE4D-C892-4116-B830-943DFD04DA61.jpgWhen Mac OS X 10.5.3 was released at the end of last month it was a massive download, tipping the scales at 420 MB. Unfortunately with the Mac OS X 10.5.3 update we didn’t see the three known iCal bugs resolved but we saw numerous fixes which made many Leopard users happy; however, others faced major issues.

Adobe Creative Suite users quickly discovered that they could no longer correctly save files from inDesign, Photoshop, along with other CS3 programs to a location on a remote server. The files were becoming corrupted which made them useless. Reports of these issues flooded Apple and Adobe forums as frustrated users looked for a way to get these issue resolved.

On Tuesday Apple reported that the first beta release of Mac OS X 10.5.4 would be delivered to developers ahead of the WWDC. Keeping its promise Apple delivered Mac OS X 10.5.4 to developers on Wednesday evening. Mac OS X 10.5.4 isn’t as large as Mac OS X 10.5.3 it only weighs 55MB; however, Creative Suite users should be able to work properly with files that reside on a remote server.

What else should we see in the Mac OS X 10.5.4 update? We should receive additional bug fixes within this update and rumors have been flying that we should receive support for the soon to-be-announced Mobile Me service. That’s right it has been reported that .Mac will be changed to Me.com. The name MobileMe has been reported in many iPhone SDK files.

Also, in the Mac OS X 10.5.4 update it will supposedly include support for a new piece of Apple hardware. Although I would love to see a Mac Tablet I don’t think I will get my wish. Any guesses what it will be?

(Via The Apple Blog)


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iPhone’s New Touchscreen???

Is This the New iPhone’s Touchscreen? | iLounge BackstageApple almost never confirms its component suppliers, and for various reasons, the suppliers only rarely confirm that they’re working with Apple. That’s the only major reason that we’d normally be skeptical about what’s shown below: the first pictures and diagrams of a touchscreen display that a Taiwanese company claims is being used in an upcoming iPhone. It’s a 2.8” display—shown here alongside a newer 3.2” version—two sizes that would enable Apple to start shrinking both iPhones and touchscreen iPods from the current 3.5” screen size found in its first-generation models.


The developer of these displays, Host Optical, has shown what it describes as a “projected capacitance touch panel,” complete with a collection of characteristics that it suggests are superior to the ones being used in the original iPhone. According to the company, the displays have “no significant” aging effect—they don’t get progressively less sensitive over time—and are claimed to be more durable than alternatives, waterproof, plus resistant to high humidities and temperatures. Since one of the major concerns over current-generation iPhones is the continued touch sensitivity of their screens, Host’s version could be a nice step up.

(Read full Article and see all the Pics ilounge )

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Want the new Flip Mino, read this first…

The Flip v. My Cheap Canon Camera: Flip Loses Across The Board

A very interesting read from techcrunch:

Flip Mino, the third version of the popular Flip video camera, launched today to a torrent of well orchestrated press coverage.

We’ve been a little harsh on the Flip in the past, so I was pleased when they reached out to us under embargo to write about the new launch. The only problem was, they wouldn’t send a test unit until after the embargo was over. We declined. But I noted that nearly all of the press coverage today dutifully followed the suggestive comments given in the press information. The WSJ writer frankly sounded like she wanted to quit and go work for the company.

So I haven’t actually tried out the new Flip Mino. But I’ve spoken with people who have, and I used the Flip Ultra, which launched late last year, for a while before abandoning it. And I just can’t figure out why people like this thing.

None of the reviews compared the Flip to it’s core competition: normal digital cameras. Instead everyone focuses on the fact that Flip has sold nearly a million units, saying that’s 15-20% of the camcorder market – and the Flip is a fraction of the price of most of those competitors.

The Flip’s video quality (640×480) is much lower than most people would expect from a camcorder. But it happens to be exactly the same resolution as most digital cameras, almost all of which now offer video as well. And nearly 40 million of them sold in 2007. Canon alone sold nearly 9 million digital cameras last year.

As I said, I abandoned my Flip Ultra soon after buying it. The main reason is that it just doesn’t play nice with Macs, and editing video requires a number of extra steps. This is because Flip insists on encoding video in a proprietary format that iMovie can’t handle directly. Why they do that is beyond me – everyone is moving to Quicktime at this point.

I now happily use my Canon SD750 for basic video footage (example is here). Not only does it take great pictures, it matches or beats the Flip Mino in every category. And the Canon SD750 costs $3.39 less than the Flip Mino.

Both devices record at 640×480. The Canon has a 3 inch screen, The Flip Mino is 1.5 inches. The Canon has 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom; the Flip has only 2x digital zoom. The Flip has just 2 GB of storage and 60 minutes of record time. The Canon, with a $20 2 GB storage card, matches that. But you can also bring spare storage cards for the Canon, you can’t for the Flip. Same with the rechargeable batteries. The devices are roughly the same size – the Mino is longer and the Canon is wider and fatter, but they’re very close. Both easily fit in a pocket.

Here’s another problem with the Flip Mino I’ve been hearing – there’s something wrong with the sound. As in, the sound is awful. The test video the WSJ did seems to support this, although it was windy in that video.

Some people will argue that the Flip is dead simple to use, which is true (except when it comes to editing the video). But my Canon is pretty darn easy to use, too. And the video editing is smooth sailing.

At the end of the day, my camera has better video features than the Flip, costs about the same, and takes really good pictures, too. There is no way I’m going to drag two devices around when I only need one: The Flip loses.

And they have more competition on the way. More and more mobile phones take video now, too, and can use wifi or cell connectivity to stream the footage to the Internet. That means Flip is getting hit from three competitive directions: mobile phones on the low end, decent camcorders on the high end, and tens of millions of everyday digital cameras that outperform it on video.

So tell me why you love the Flip so much again?

(Via TechCrunch.)

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Tip-Quickly Change Default Application

Quickly Change Default Application for File

An easy way to change the default application for a file is to right click (Option+Click) a file and hold option while selecting an application from the “Always Open With” menu.


Please note this only changes the default application for that one file–not every file with this type. See our other post for assigning default applications

(Via mactips.org.)

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More iPhone Speculation….

We’re Certain About 3G, Now Lets Speculate Features!

5545D1D2-5E6D-43D6-90F6-8BD474261766.jpgOkay, its official. 3G iPhone rumors have become a little too much. Asking “Will a 3G iPhone be released at WWDC?” is up there with the likes of “Does a bear use the restroom in the woods?” and “Is the Pope Catholic?” In other words, yes. It will be there. I am willing to bet my first-born son on that (though you may be waiting a good 10 to 15 years for a payout should I be mistaken, but, as you may see above, I’m pretty darn sure I’m not). 

Now that I have stated how certain I am of 3G at WWDC, let’s start a new discussion. Other than the look and feel of the new iPhone, what will be changed in iPhone OS 2.0? Read on to hear my take on the subject.

  1. iChat – This is one of the most disappointing app lacks from iPhone 1.0. Currently, you cannot enable any kind of AIM client without first Jailbreaking your iPhone—an act that voids your warranty and makes Steve mad. As you may know, it can get you banned for life from Apple stores. There will be some serious booage from the WWDC crowd should Apple not bring this one home.
  2. Video Conferencing – A less anticipated feature than iChat, but important nonetheless. Many 3G iPhone rumors have speculated that there will be a a camera not only on the backside, but on the front, as well. This could add an interesting aspect to an already loved product. It’s hard to tell whether this possible feature would appeal more to the intrepid on-the-go business man or the kid-at-heart (or just the kid) who wants to share LOLCats pictures with their friends.
  3. Blogging App – Another possible great app for the iPhone. I think this app would be good if there was a partnership between Apple and one of the major blog hosts, such as Blogsmith or Blogger.
  4. Digital Video Capabilities – Another missed feature in iPhone 1.0. I think an app like this would be well received. Almost all cameraphones, and not just the smartphones, have this capability. Come on, Steve. You guys are supposed to outperform destroy the competition.

Just imagine collective ”Huh?” at WWDC if Steve made the special point of saying no 3G iPhone. Now that would be a disappointment of Vista proportions.

(Via Appletell.)

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