Amazons Web Site takes Friday off!

Amazons Web Site Goes Down: An Unplanned Event – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog


Amazon’s site is back up again. A statement and some factual details from an Amazon spokesman have been added below.

The Web site of, the Web’s biggest retailer, was down and unavailable for two hours today.

On an Amazon discussion forum for sellers, a post entitled “Amazon Un-Planned Event (06/06)” says that the company is “currently investigating an issue that has impacted the availability of the website.”

“Engineers are actively engaged in resolving this issue and we will provide an update once the issue is resolved,” the post says. “We appreciate your patience during this time.”

The post was dated 10:37 West Coast time.

An Amazon spokesperson said this afternoon, “Amazon’s systems are very complex and on rare occasions, despite our best efforts they may experience problems. We work to minimize any disruption and to get the site back as quickly as possible.”

The spokesman said that Amazon’s international sites and Web services such as S3, which many Web sites use for back-end functions like serving up large amounts of data, were not affected.

Outages among major Web companies like this are rare nowadays. Back in 1999, eBay went down for 22 hours, costing it millions in revenue.”

(Via nytimes )

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