Twitter Haters!?!

We all know Twitter is going through some growing pains. Some people want to shut it down until it gets “fixed”, saying people will find something new or more reliable….If there was somewhere to turn.

We need to remember Twitter is FREE. It tells your buddies that you just had a taco, or check out the latest iPhone rumor, it’s not set up for rocket surgery! No one will be killed or die if your co-worker doesn’t get your TV viewing update. OK, it did help out that one dude in Egypt

I just think we should give twitter a chance to make things right with out beating them up. They are at least looking for people –  check out their jobs, they need a Operations Engineer, Systems Engineer and a Front End Engineer.

What would be the best idea for twitter, sell it, fix it, scrap it?

Twitter me with your thoughts…..when it comes back on-line!   

Check twitter up-time/down time HERE.


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One response to “Twitter Haters!?!

  1. Unfortunately, my time is more valuable then yours I guess. Yes, I didn’t have to provide my credit card number to gain access, but I have invested my time, which I find extremely valuable.

    It takes work to build a network. To keep them. To mature relationships with relevant micro-blogging content.

    But then again, I don’t follow people to only tell me they just opened a can of Pepsi, either.

    I’ve even come up with some business ideas for the use of Twitter!

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