WWDC 08 Keynote: Bang or Bust?

WWDC 08 Keynote: Bang or Bust?

67CE4F91-663E-41A2-B82A-DC9073D58BAC.jpgWe’re almost there. The WWDC is due to kick off on Monday with Steve Jobs’ keynote address… and we can finally put all of the rumors and speculating to bed. What do you think 100% for sure absolutely positive YES is going to be announced at the keynote? (I realize that last sentence didn’t make much sense).

There are three things that I’m keeping my fingers crossed about… Am sincerely hoping they all get announced at the keynote…The chances are slim, but heck, wouldn’t it be nice?

Obviously first and foremost will be the 3G iPhone announcement. That is almost a certainty. Will be great to see what the new iPhone has packed into it, what options it has, and more…

Next on my list would be the iPhone App Store. That has to be coming soon. Would make sense to launch this to coincide with the new iPhone.

Last on my list would be the launch of the iPhone internationally. Will there be announcements of the iPhone going green in Canada, Italy, Greece, and Australia to name a few? Rumors were that Apple was coordinating a massive international launch of the iPhone all around or on the same date. That would be great, and I can speak for other Canadians when I say ‘About GD Time!’

Of course, there have been so many more rumors including new iPhones coming in multiple colors, video conferencing via iChat on the iPhone, a slimmer and lighter iPhone, and a whole lot more… I’m sure you’ve read or heard all of the rumors by now.

So much to speculate on, I’m just happy this will be coming to an end next week. I’m hoping that the keynote delivers more than we are expecting… But we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think? What is the WWDC Keynote going to deliver? …and will it be a bang or a bust!?

(Via Mactropolis)

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