10 Things About the 3G iPhone that rock!

10 Best Things About the New iPhone and iPhone 2.0 OS

Picture 2.png    1. Headphone jack. The new iPhone will have a flush headphone jack. This means you can plug in any standard headphone or speaker device without a $10 adapter. You know, the adapter you discover you left at home just after you get to the airport.

2. 3G. Well, this is a given. You should get twice the download speed on Web pages, videos and email.

3. GPS. Now you will really know where you are. But I can’t wait for the 3rd party apps that will be built around this. I’m sure it will rival expensive GPS devices in functionality before long. Geocaching may go mainstream.

4. Better battery life. I expected battery life to suffer with 3G, but it looks like we’ll have more battery life than every before.

5. Lots of countries: Friends in Canada and Australia will finally be able to get one, as well as lots of other countries.

6. A scientific calculator in iPhone 2.0, which means there will be no more reason to have a piece of hardware called a “scientific calculator.”

7. Lots of free iPhone apps. I predict that a majority of iPhone apps will be free, cool gizmos created by hobbyists. Something new to discover every week, most likely.

8. Bulk delete for email. Sounds silly, but this eats up a lot of my time.

9. MLB.com live game updates. This is one of the primary things I use my iPhone for right now, via Safari. A dedicated app would be great, as long as there isn’t a subscription fee attached.

10. The price. For $199, a lot of people will start coming over to the iPhone.

(Via MacMost.)



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3 responses to “10 Things About the 3G iPhone that rock!

  1. clintthewookie

    I agree, making it better AND cheaper? Is this legal?

    If it worked on Verizon, I might get one!

  2. If there is one thing I don’t like about the iPhone it is At&t. I had Verizon for years and they were Fantastic! I was very hesitant to change carriers but the iPhone was too cool! I HATE all the dropped calls, bad reception and static from At&t!!!!!! Come on Apple, switch to Verizon!

  3. clintthewookie

    I heard about the Blackberry Thunder and I believe I will get it. And it’s Verizon Exclusive! 🙂 But I would still get the iPhone if they decided to go with Verizon .

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