Want an iPhone 3G? First, Check out these 4 iPhone killers

Thinking about an iPhone 3G? Not so fast — check out these 4 iPhone killers first


When you’re as popular as the iPhone, you’re bound to have some enemies. The competition is catching up, but the impression the iPhone has made on them is undeniable. Full-bodied touchscreen phones that do more than just enable calls and grainy pictures are now a hot item thanks to Apple — though maybe you’re still on the fence as to whether or not the iPhone 3G is right for you. Maybe you’re in the middle of your current plan and don’t want to switch, or maybe AT&T’s coverage isn’t all that great in your area. Either way, you’ve got options.

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iPhone-Killers-HTC-Touch-Diamond.jpg1. HTC Touch Diamond
HTC finishes cutting its 3G diamonds in July for a variety of carriers. The Diamond does a lot to distinguish itself with its looks and interface, and yet its clickwheel won’t help you forget how iPhone-influenced it is.

Like the iPhone:
• Virtual keyboard
• Turn-by-turn GPS directions

Not like the iPhone:
• Glossy frame with angles to resemble cut diamond
• Horizontal menu system (rather than a panel of favorites)

Secret weapons:
• iPodesque clickwheel and four buttons
• 3.2 megapixel camera for stills and video
• Choice of cellular carriers

• 4 GB of internal memory
• Smallish 2.8-inch touchscreen

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iPhone-Killers-Samsung-Instinct.jpg2. Samsung Instinct

Samsung comes out swinging in 3G for Sprint on June 20th. The Instinct does a lot of things right, but, at the same time, almost everything it gets right the iPhone did first. Including the case design.

Like the iPhone:
• 3.1-inch touchscreen
• 2 megapixel camera for images
• Upgradable memory up to 8GB
• Virtual keyboard and 3 hard buttons
• Turn-by-turn GPS navigation

Not like the iPhone:
• It… Ah… Hmm…?

Secret Weapons:
• Camera can also record video
• Customizable favorite menu buttons

• Relies on Sprint’s proprietary services for music and video, among other things

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iPhone-Killers-LG-Vu.jpg3. LG Vu

LG’s 3G “TV phone” is already available, also on AT&T, and shares a lot with the iPhone. One big problem with that: it competes directly with the iPhone for AT&T’s customers.

Like the iPhone:
• 3-inch touchscreen
• Virtual keyboard and 3 hard buttons for phone control
• 2.0 megapixel camera

Not like the iPhone:
• Navigation screens categorized into segments

Secret Weapons:
• Vibrating feedback for the touchscreen
• Streams AT&T’s Mobile TV service
• Allows for voice and data use simultaneously
• Camera also shoots video

• Competing with the iPhone on its own network

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And there’s one more shadowy contender off on the horizon, where a storm’s certainly brewing — the recently announced Blackberry Thunder. When the first iteration of the iPhone was released last year, it took a lot of heat for not offering a full corporate suite of software that has Crackberry users loyal to the brand. And now RIM is planning on a full, touchscreen Blackberry with the Thunder:

(Via DVICE.)


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