WWDC 08 Keynote Live Coverage breakdown

Live Coverage of the WWDC 08 Keynote

A great list from Mactropolis.

The day is here, and all the rumors of late are going to come to an end when Mr. Jobs takes the stage. Should be a very interesting day to see what is announced. If you’re looking for some ‘live’ coverage then there are a few places you can check out. Most of these live blogs will begin sometime around 10AM PST.

All of the links below are live-blogging from the convention floor. Check ‘em out and let me know which one was best. Kind of lame, I’d rather have live video, but it seems these days the best you can do at these events is to live-blog… I digress… here are the links:

I followed MacRumors at MacWorld, and they did a great job of live-blogging. I’d recommend them again, but it’s your call

Again, after the keynote is all over, be sure to be on the looking for the video podcast of the keynote available via iTunes sometime early this afternoon.

(Via Mactropolis.)

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