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Fuze iPhone case

iSkin introduces Fuze iPhone cases

iSkin FuzeLast tuesday, iSkin, a popular case maker for the likes of iPods and MacBooks, announced its newest product. This new product is called the Fuze, and is available for $39.99 on the iSkin website.

The Fuze gets its name because it is just that. The case is a fusion of a polycarbonate shell in the middle, and soft, rubbery materials on the inside and outside to not only protect your iPhone, but to make it easier and more comfortable to hold. The case does not restrict any function of the iPhone except for the fact that you cannot have your iPhone in the Dock with the case on. The screen, home button, headphone jack, dock connector and speakers are unrestricted. 

The Fuze is available only in “Titan,” a gray color scheme with black highlights.

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Steve Jobs interview on CNBC

Found Footage: Steve Jobs interview on CNBC

After all the excitement and iPhone-ness of yesterday’s Keynote, Steve sat down with Jim Goldman of CNBC to talk iPhone. Goldman asked Steve about the conspicious lack of an iPhone intro date for both Russia and China, which are pretty big markets. Steve says that we should look for some announcements later this year on those fronts.

Goldman also asked why Wall Street has such a love/hate relationship with Apple. Steve responding by noting that Apple has had record quarter after record quarter, and Wall Street usually comes out at the right place.

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iMovie 7.1.2 and iDVD 7.0.2 updates!

iMovie 7.1.2 and iDVD 7.0.2 updates

Apple just released updates for iMovie and iDVD. According to Software Update, the iMovie update “addresses general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues.”

The iDVD update “supports general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues.”

You can download both of these updates via Software Update (Apple menu > Software Update) or download the installer packages by visiting Apple’s Support Downloads website

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Western Digital- 1TB 7200RPM Caviar Black HDD

Western Digital intros 1TB 7200RPM Caviar Black HDD

Watch out, archive junkies. The 1TB internal HDD game just got one more player. Hailed by Western Digital as the “fastest 3.5-inch 7200RPM drive on the market,” the Caviar Black SATA drive is available in both 750GB and 1TB flavors, with the latter obviously being the most appealing. On these beasts you’ll find “twice” the processing power, 32MB of cache, StableTrac / NoTouch technologies and a respectable five-year warranty. Both units will be ready to grab next week, with the smaller of the two going for $199 and the kingpin $249. Check em out HERE!

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Disney.com – Streaming Full-Length Movies Online

Disney.com Breaks New Ground Streaming Full-Length Movies Online for the First Time Ever
Picture 2.png
Disney.com announced today that for the first time ever the site will stream full-length movies online, featuring selections from the Wonderful World of Disney. The films will first air on ABC as part of the network’s weekly Wonderful World of Disney presentation on Saturday nights throughout summer 2008. The full-length films will then be available for free streaming on Disney.com (www.Disney.com/WonderfulWorld) for the week following the network presentation (Monday – Friday).

“Streaming full-length films on Disney.com takes our commitment to delivering world-class online entertainment to the next level,” stated Paul Yanover, executive vice president and managing director, Disney Online. “This is a wonderful partnership with ABC, and just another example of how Disney’s unmatched, high-quality content can be leveraged on multiple platforms.”

Wonderful World of Disney television and online schedule:

“Finding Nemo” – currently available online through June 13

“Monsters Inc.” – airs on ABC Saturday, June 14 at 8pm; available on Disney.com June 16-20

“Haunted Mansion” – airs on ABC Saturday, June 28 at 8pm; available on Disney.com June 30-July 4

“Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 5 at 8pm; available on Disney.com July 7-11

“Princess Diaries 2” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 12 at 8pm; available on Disney.com July 14-18

“Freaky Friday” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 19 at 8pm; available on Disney.com July 21-25

“Peter Pan” – airs on ABC Saturday, Aug. 2 at 8pm; available on Disney.com Aug. 4-8

Additionally, Disney.com will stream the Disney Channel Original Movie “Camp Rock” on Monday, June 23, following its television premiere on June 20 and additional airings on ABC on June 21, and ABC Family on June 22.

The Disney.com “Camp Rock” online event will include unique interactive content so fans can chat and play games while watching. Fans can also watch in a full screen experience featuring “Camp Rock” trivia and an interactive map of the camp. Visit http://www.Disney.com/CampRock.”

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Safari 4 with SSB feature and fastest JavaScript ever!

Safari 4 to include SSB feature and fastest JavaScript ever

7F7A7E84-3108-420F-9658-6264468A55FF.jpgSafari 4 will include the SquirrelFish JavaScript engine being developed by the WebKit team. Apple is touting SquirrelFish as “the fastest implementation of JavaScript ever.” In addition, Safari 4 will also include a feature to create site-specific browsers, or SSBs, from any webpage. The functionality is not unlike that offered by Mozilla Labs’ Prism project or the highly-regarded Fluid for Mac OS X, which create a desktop app that is basically a browser with minimal UI to directly access a web-based app. And, Safari should incorporate CSS-based graphics improvements by the WebKit team, including CCS-based gradients, masks, and reflections.

These features make perfect sense in relation to not only increased use of Web2.0 apps like Google Mail or Flickr, but with the new MobileMe service that Apple announced yesterday. Given its reliance on JavaScript to mimic desktop app functionality, eking out every bit of performance from the JavaScript engine is a must for reasonable performance. And a site-specific browser for accessing MobileMe’s services can make an even more transparent user experience. If cloud computing becomes the standard, the transition for Mac users will be seamless. The CSS-based graphics simplify many common effects and improve performance by relying on rendering code compiled into the browser. It brings a richer graphical experience to web apps akin to Apple’s polish on the desktop.

Though we’ve heard that Snow Leopard should ship in about a year, Safari 4 could come much sooner. Mac Rumors notes that there are multiple versions “specifically for Windows, Tiger and Leopard.” The projected performance improvements of JavaScript alone would be appreciated by MobileMe users. All in all, Safari looks to gain yet more speed and will be ready for the cloud as more people move their data online.”

(Via arstechnica )

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Steve Jobs has ‘common bug’ (That’s why he is so thin)

Steve Jobs has ‘common bug’ and now on the mend with the aid of antibiotics
In response to a question about his health Tuesday, an Apple spokeswoman said [Apple CEO Steve] Jobs was hit with a ‘common bug’ in recent weeks but he still felt it was important to participate in the Apple conference. The spokeswoman said he’s now on the mend with the aid of antibiotics,” Nick Wingfield blogs for The Wall Street Journal.

“Jobs’s health is occasionally the topic of chatter because he was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer four years ago, for which he underwent surgery that Apple said was successful. (Apple didn’t disclose that Jobs had been ill until after he was on the mend.) Mr. Jobs is also widely considered nearly irreplaceable at Apple, where he has been the architect of a dramatic resurgence in the company’s fortunes over the past decade,” Wingfield reports. “Fortunately for Apple, no replacement is needed.”

Full article here

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Completely erase user data from an iPhone, part 2

How to completely erase user data from an iPhone, part two: command-line edition

Steve might have finally made with the iPhone 3G yesterday, but as we’ve mentioned before, would-be upgraders have a slightly bigger dilemma than just shaking down the couch cushions for an extra $199: getting their user data securely erased from their old iPhones. Simply hitting “restore” still leaves your data in an accessible state, and while we’ve covered ways to do a three-pass wipe with iTunes playlists, Jonathan Zdziarski has posted up a set of instructions for getting at your flash from the command line and wiping it directly. Sure, you’ll have to jailbreak your phone and it’ll take at least an hour or so — but hey, you’ve got a month to kill anyway, right

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Steve a little over zealous with the 3G iPhone?

Was Steve a little over zealous with the 3G iPhone? iPhone + Communications, iPhone

According to a report in TIME Magazine, Steve Jobs is risking a little too much on the 3G iPhone. The huge price drop, along with subsidies from AT&T, may make the iPhone good for the customer, but not necessarily good for Apple. With the current plans, Apple could lose up to $160 on each phone that is serviced by AT&T. Hopefully, the App Store will provide enough revenue for Apple to prevent possible price increases in the future.  Steve is really putting too many of his eggs in the “iPhone Dominates the Entire World” basket.

What are your views on the subject?  Do you think that Apple can maintain the $199 price and keep the iPhone profitable enough? Sound off in the comments below.

Via [TIME]

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Steve Jobs looks dangerously thin

Steve Jobs: Apple CEO Steve Jobs looks dangerously thin
I found this VERY interesting, I was watching the WWDC video online last night thinking the same thing, Steve looks very thin and he was coughing (small ones) during applause breaks…I hope he is OK!!!!

From valleywag – Doctors diagnosed Apple CEO Steve Jobs with pancreatic cancer in October 2003. Jobs hid the news from Apple shareholders until July 2004 — after he’d explored all other alternatives to surgery, and had to schedule time away from the office to go under the knife.

People watching the imperiously slim presenter at the WWDC today are finding it hard to look at Job’s frailer-than-ever frame and not wonder if he’s still suffering. “Time to get that man a medical marijuana prescription,” says our own Jackson West. Or a decent meal. Gossip has it that wife Laurene Powell-Jobs has put Jobs on a radical, restrictive vegan diet.”

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